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At MMSBY we love strong brand stories. That’s why we prefer to translate your challenges and opportunities into strategic key messages, complete with a recommended approach and a creative storyline. Our cases show the result of our brainery.

We proudly present a selection of our cases


Sage Appliances – (Soft) launch Barista Touch Impress

In September, Sage Appliances, the high-end Australian brand of kitchen and coffee appliances, launched the innovative Barista Touch Impress. Knowing that an espresso machine can be complex, the brand created an appliance that guides you to the perfect cup of coffee, all in the snap of a finger.
Ellemieke Vermolen

Bristol – Het Perfecte Paar

With this campaign, Bristol seeks to not only be a beloved brand but also an anti-hero with whom families, of all compositions, can resonate. The target audience? Families in Belgium and the Netherlands, united by the shared experiences of parenthood.
Emma en Sieme voor podcast Bulldog Bold Dates

Bulldog – Bold Dates podcast

Clothes do not simply express who we are, they also make us who we are. So, imagine a world where gender and gender-specific clothing makes no difference; that was the premise behind this campaign.


GIMBER, the young Belgian brand known for its organic and alcohol-free ginger concentrate, teamed up with renowned fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, who made fashion history 50 years ago with her iconic wrap dress.
Gert De Mangeleer

Highland Park – Wild Waves

In a world where the whisky industry faces many challenges, Highland Park approached us with a quest for more brand awareness from their target audience. Under the guidance of star chef Gert De Mangeleer, we embarked on a hands-on culinary adventure paired with Highland Park.

Pisang – Event

We curated a vibrant Pisang Ambon launch at Bar Zar in Antwerp, engaging 40 carefully chosen influencers and their plus ones who embodied the brand's values. During the event, we created dynamic videos capturing its lively essence and managed Pisang Ambons social media for real-time engagement.

Lierac – Campaign Lift Integral & probiotic cleansers

French dermo-cosmetic brand Lierac, renowned for its focus on skin well-being, underwent a transformative journey recently. With the launch of the Lift Integral line, an innovative collection of anti-aging products, along with a reimagined range of probiotic cleansers, Lierac had unveiled exceptional offerings.

Emma – Sleep Event

Emma has a clear-cut mission: to be the world's leading and most reliable sleep brand. With this ambitious goal in mind, they sought assistance from MMBSY to take their brand to new heights in Belgium, which is an emerging market for Emma.

Vivaldis – Leaders & Legends

While the world roars with bombast, the Flemish business leader chooses simplicity and authenticity. Often feeling like the underdog, they bring a unique perspective that we absolutely love! Instead of trying to be someone they're not, we've teamed up with Vivaldis to embrace and celebrate that underdog spirit in Flemish business owners.

Acerta – Ik Wil Starten

Partnering with Acerta, we launched the "Ik wil Starten" campaign to overcome the challenges of starting a business, from planning to legal obligations. At the same time, we wanted people to see Acerta as the innovator it is, how they help simplify the process and support their clients. 

Mazda – Curated By MMBSY event CX-60

Bringing together the worlds of Japanese craftsmanship and photography, art director Marie Wynants is a perfect match for the all-new Mazda CX-60, which got to shine in front of her lens. During the event, guests could enjoy an exquisite dinner and admire Marie’s work, as well as learn all there is to know about Mazda.

A.S.Adventure – Daily Dose of Nature

A.S.Adventure wanted to launch an awareness campaign on World Health Day, that encouraged Belgians to embrace the benefits of nature and engage in daily walking for the betterment of their physical and mental health.

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