The challenge

GIMBER, the young Belgian brand known for its organic and alcohol-free ginger concentrate, teamed up with renowned fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, who made fashion history 50 years ago with her iconic wrap dress. Together they merged taste and style in a unique collaboration, where DVF to put a new spin on the GIMBER N°1 Original bottle. Both brands found each other in their creative entrepreneurship and willingness to take bold risks and break with the conventions – the perfect ingredients for a special partnership. The result? A unique design with cheerful colours and very recognisable DVF prints. MMBSY took on the challenge of showcasing the launch of the special edition GIMBER X DVF bottle, fostering brand love and creating buzz in the fashion & food/beverage scene. The aim was to make the bottle top of mind, as a perfect and original end of year gift as well as a true collector’s item for fashion, food and lifestyle adepts. The task at hand was to emphasize the symbiosis and seamless blend of the established value of DVF with the cool and young spirit of GIMBER, targeting a younger audience. 


 The work

In response to the challenge of introducing the bottle and generating maximum brand love and buzz in the fashion and lifestyle industry in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, MMBSY orchestrated a grand, stylish and premium launch event in Brussels, paying homage to DVF’s roots. The event was attended by a top guestlist featuring A-list press and influencers for a well-prepared, structured story throughout the day about GIMBER and DVF from the start till the end. Three carefully selected VIP guests from Belgium, the Netherlands and France, were invited for a full GIMBER X DVF experience.  

The day commenced at Fashion & Lace Museum Brussels where they gathered for the DVF Woman Behind Fashion expo, accompanied by Diane herself. This was followed by a stop at Hotel Amigo where each guest got ready in their personalized hotel room with their personal DVF dress. Next up, the DVF boutique became the epicenter of the GIMBER X DVF universe for a big launch apero moment, hosting a diverse mix of key fashion and lifestyle press and influencers. For a special and personal touch, an engraving artist personally engraved each guest’s bottle with their name. The event was concluded with an organic dinner at Tero restaurant for our selected VIP guests, creating a memorable and immersive brand experience. 

MMBSY was responsible for the entire event flow and production, from styling and catering to coordination of all countries, as well as the Belgian influencers, from invitation to coordination of their dresses, hotel stay-overs … MMBSY Amsterdam, our sister agency in the Netherlands, handled the Dutch guests (both press and influencers), showcasing the effectiveness of our BENE approach – a comprehensive strategy to reach and engage the target audience. 


Man houdt fles van Gimber vast
Twee flesjes GIMBER x DVF tentoongesteld

The results

The launch proved highly successful, drawing in A-list celebrities as VIP guests throughout the day, over 50 attendees at the launch apero event and more than 50 GIMBER X DVF bottles engraved. Our efforts resulted in heightened awareness within the target audience and a substantial surge in brand affection for both GIMBER and DVF, as well as their collaborative masterpiece. 


  • 8 influencers 
  • 52 publications (4 posts + 48 stories) 
  • 901,29K reach 
  • 7K engagement (6.8K likes, 175 comments) 
  • 27K € EMV 

The Netherlands :

  • 5 influencers 
  • 41 publications 
  • 2.36M reach 
  • 7K engagement 
  • 67.7K € EMV