Highland Park

Wild Waves

The challenge

In a world where the whisky industry faces many challenges, such as evolving consumer trends and a difficult digital positioning, Highland Park approached MMBSY with a quest for more brand awareness and engagement from their target audience. A distinctive combination of experience-seeking people around the age of 28-40 years old that appreciate quality. They are younger than the stereotypical single malt drinker. So how do we reach them and get them to appreciate the uniquely complex balance of flavors and create a strong desire to support their premium positioning? We needed a plan. 

The plan

To strengthen desire for Highland Park’s premium positioning we had to craft immersive narratives through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And to achieve this, MMBSY delved deeper into Highland Park’s authentic heritage, translating the crashing waves and rugged coastline of their home base Orkney to the Flemish North Sea and coast. How did we add the premium experience? By incorporating a culinary adventure and collaborating with star chef Gert De Mangeleer, from Hertog Jan and Bar Bulot. This collaboration perfectly captured the essence of the rough and refined. 

We found our location, and with our local star chef in tow, ‘Wild Waves’ was born—an experience crafted for press and scene people during a coastal forage. Our journey unfolded around the rough waters of the North Sea, promising an extraordinary adventure. We arranged an full day experience in and around the North Sea, incorporating various touchpoints for Highland Park. These included whisky tastings paired with oysters and featuring the spirit as a key ingredient in one of our culinary creations. Together with the client we went over the flow of the event and made sure their story was told through every touchpoint. Nothing was left to chance. From the press and scene people that we’ve carefully selected to the menu at Bar Bulot. We ensured that our participants would experience a unique and memorable day. 


The results

Under the guidance of star chef Gert De Mangeleer, we embarked on a hands-on culinary adventure paired with Highland Park. Commencing early in the morning, our journey began with an oyster expedition along the coastline of Ostend. Upon returning to the shore, we proceeded to the kitchen at Bar Bulot, Zedelgem with Chef Gert De Mangeleer. Here, Chef De Mangeleer generously shared his techniques, expertise, and passion for the culinary craft to our guests. To wrap up our day, we enjoyed an exclusive 3-course lunch paired with Highland Park. And to top it off? Our guests got to taste the special 30 y.o. whisky, ending the day on a high note. 

In essence, we crafted an immersive experience to resonate with our target audience. Our guests actively engaged all their senses to delve into the brand and establish a meaningful connection. The results we aimed for, manifested through their profiles, bringing our storytelling to life.  

1 journalist, 1 chef and 8 scene people attended the event. We achieved a reach of 186K and 84 publications. The campaign accounted  for an engagement rate of 1% on Instagram (= all comments, likes & actions on the publications) and an EMV (earned media value) of 5.61K€.