Curated By MMBSY Event

The challenge 

Mazda presented MMBSY with an exciting challenge: to craft a one-of-a-kind ‘Crafted in Japan’ experience during the summer, incorporating test drives to boost brand awareness and familiarity among their target audience.Crafted in Japan’ is all about a subtle feel, about crafts, eye for detail, minimalism, that imperfect perfection, aimed at their new premium target audience. 

Mazda demanded a 360° storytelling strategy, supported by paid media communication, to ensure widespread reach and engagement.  


The solution 

We have meticulously developed a truly unique concept that we recognized as being far from a ready-made, easy endeavor. Introducing: The Curated Experience by Mazda; a dynamic collaboration with a curator who impeccably personified Mazda’s premium essence. 

The “Curated by” concept sprang to life, helmed by the accomplished photographer Marie Wynants, who orchestrated an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind journey. Marie was chosen with meticulous consideration, a true artisan deeply aligned with Mazda’s core principles. 

To showcase how Marie’s vision aligned with Mazda’s values, we produced captivating video and photo content. Marie took charge of photography and videography, capturing the essence of the new Mazda CX-60 in six stunning images. These images formed the foundation for an exclusive art gallery featured at the “Mazda presents: Soirée Curated by Marie Wynants”, adding an artistic touch to the overall experience. The event gathered a select group of individuals for a memorable night of new premium luxury and refined entertainment, firmly linking the event to Mazda’s brand equity. Our challenge was to create a premium night, while bringing the the “Crafted in Japan” of Mazda to life. At the event, all attendees had the opportunity to take the Mazda CX-60 for a spin and experience the new premiumness of the car themselves.  

To amplify the event’s reach, we harnessed both the attendees’ and Marie’s influential social media presence, employing impactful Instagram posts and captivating stories. Complementing this, Mazda’s content strategy assumed a pivotal role in circulating event-related materials. This encompassed a strategic push through paid media advertisements, strategically designed to cast a wider net and engage a more extensive audience.  

In addition to the collaboration with Marie Wynants, our engagement extended to two additional ambassadors who spearheaded their own Mazda drives. Each ambassador meticulously crafted a distinctive voyage, expertly captured on video to mirror their individual aesthetics and styles. This visual storytelling also highlighted their preferred upscale locales within their respective hometowns. 

Building upon these captivating videos, we devised a consumer contest, inviting participants to enter for an opportunity to secure their very own bespoke, upscale curated drive. This extraordinary prize bestowed fortunate winners with a tailor-made experience that perfectly resonated with their preferences. All with one final goal: get consumers to try out the Mazda CX-60 themselves in a test drive. 


Mazda Curated
Mazda Curated Event Marie Wynants Mazda CX-60

The results 

Thanks to our comprehensive efforts, we achieved remarkable results for Mazda’s New Premium campaign. Through Marie Wynants and her guests at the event, as well as the organic reach from the two additional ambassadors, we achieved an impressive total organic reach of no less than 1.103.720 that resonated with our target audience. The campaign’s success in terms of organic reach, Earned Media Value, and paid advertising reach demonstrates the power of our holistic 360° content and influencer marketing strategy in positioning Mazda as a New Premium brand.