Content and IM campaign  

The challenge 

In 2021, we witnessed a growth in new businesses, a trend that continues today. Partnering with Acerta, we launched the “Ik wil Starten” campaign to overcome the uncertainties and challenges of starting a business, from planning to legal obligations. At the same time we wanted people to see Acerta as the innovator it is, how they help simplify the entire process and support their clients.  

We aimed to increase the visibility of ‘’ among the target audience of new self-employed individuals embarking on their journey. Additionally, our goal was to enhance the acquisition of new starters, focusing on registering new self-employed professionals.  

The work 

At the heart of this campaign are the most frequently asked (Google) questions from starting entrepreneurs answered by seasoned business owners who have been through the motions of starting a business. In short: instead of asking Google for advice and getting lost in a whirlwind of information, get your answers straight from the source. To bring this campaign to life, we debuted with a video series that featured some of the coolest people in the business universe: ranging from Olympic gold medal winner Vincent Vanasch to singer and clothing brand owner Simon Eeraerts. Showing that Acerta makes kickstarting a business simple and accessible… so that way basically anyone can do it. The message was conveyed in a humorous way, demonstrating that starting a business is also exciting and something to have fun with.  

The content of the videos was further translated into an eye-grabbing social media campaign leading the target audience to Acertas website, where they can deep dive into the personal stories of our entrepreneurs. Making it clear that you don’t need an MBA to succeed, just a little determination.   

The results 


  • A total of 3 big entrepreneurs joined in on the campaign. 
  • We generated a total reach of 59.18 K and 16 publications.  
  • We generated a total engagement rate of 4,81% on Instagram and 7,45% on TikTok. 


  • 3 mastervideos  
  • 9 social videos 
  • 3 social posts    
  • 18 banners   
  • 3 blogposts