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No MMBSY without
sharp ambassadors

Our ambassadors are like a box of chocolates; great taste and style and with that soft crunch to keep you asking for more.

Say hi to our team!

Team Nathalie
PR Executive

Nathalie Van Laer

“Let it be” – Van Laer, N.

Meet Nathalie, our true comedian, never afraid to throw in a dash of sarcasm, empathic and social. An astonishing writer with a master degree in language and literature and an extra year of journalism. On top of that she has loads of experience by working at Culinaire Ambiance and Imagicasa.

Nathalie possesses all the right skills for the perfect executive. She’s someone who can commit herself like no one else and finish every task down to the last detail, Nathalie can definitely surprise you! Ready to flip the page for a new chapter overnight, because YOLO.
Always in for croquettes at the Saturday market in Antwerp, going out for drinks and having the most delicious dinners in A-Town’s finest restaurants. After all this wining and dining, Nathalie is always in for a dance battle in the nearest club.

Team Myra
Managing Partner

Myra Nurski

Once running around from one jewelry store to another with a briefcase full of fancy diamonds, Myra’s now running that other gem, MMBSY, together with partner-in-crime Mie. Her diamond days might be over, but this fierce leading lady is only getting warmed up.

With a solid background in communication, a Master after Master in Fashion Management at the Polimoda in Florence and an internship at Natan, Myra knows (high end) fashion when she sees it. Working with demanding luxury brands taught her a love of great storytelling, quality and critical thinking.

Being half Italian and half Polish, no need to say family parties are always memorable at casa Nurski! Absolutely loves: a damn fine watch, shopping with her two kids – mini fashionistas in the make - and going dancing.

Oh, and if you want to know her secret dance move, you should ask her twin brother.

Team Lauren
PR Manager

Lauren Vanderstukken

“Hi, jeg er Lauren”

Say hi to our lovely Lauren, whose glass is always half full. Like! This born optimist-slash-organizer loves to grab life by the - ehm - hand, with the talent to always spot the good side of things.

Analyze this: Lauren’s analytic skills are pretty impressive, thanks to a Bachelor of Communications Studies and Master in Strategic Communication. She topped it off with a year at the Belgian Advertising School. Oh, did we mention her six months of Erasmus exchange in Copenhagen?
Like we said, this one sure knows where to find the gøød stuff!

At MMBSY, our social gal will gladly follow up on our accounts and sprinkle them with her PR magic, while whipping out her writing skills with some spot-on newsletters. Needless to say she never says no to some good ol’ researching and crystal clear reporting.
Fun fact: chaos is not in Lauren’s work dictionary, and she will not sleep until her flat is all clear of any clutter. But be warned: thou shall not open her closets, or else…

If you see Lauren, you see stripes: from little darling ones on her socks to an impressive collection of stripy tees. Combined with her signature fringe and love for black, this stylish minimalist knows how to speak fashion.

Daily eater of hummus with carrots and eager shaker of booties, in no particular order. Dance-off, anyone?

Dubious superpower: stumbling over her own feet. This Queen of Clumsytown managed to fall off so many stairs and bikes, that she lost count. So please please, pretty please, do not ever shout ‘break a leg’ to Lauren, because she most likely will.

team rani
PR Executive

Rani De Volder

Need someone to ask the exact right question to the exact right person? Meet Rani, our bull**** free, no nonsense and highly committed PR lady.

Don’t let her calm appearance fool you: this natural born word lover with a strong background in Journalism and PR is bound to hit that journalist’s sweet spot, providing them with to-the-point pitches, witty themed newsletters and much, much more.

Having been on the other end, interviewing away - human interest is her go-to style - Rani has a talent for spotting straight away which content works and which doesn’t. Credibility is her credo, fashion her religion. Na-ah, you ain’t fooling this lovely lady with some hot air!

Cute fact: she still pinches herself in disbelief sometimes, realizing she actually really, truly, works in the world of PR fashion now, connecting with some pretty cool brands and building up a strong relation with the people behind it – not to mention her awesome team, but we didn’t say that.

With a knack for all things unusual and fashionable, Rani’s closet does not look like anyone else’s… a blouse with a skeleton print, crazy colors, odd little details and literally anything asymmetrical, Rani wants it.

Slightly neurotic when it comes to triple checking whether doors are locked or ticking off to-do lists, you can be sure Rani gets the job done, no matter what.
Friends love her for her loyalty, sincerity and wittiness, while her two dogs - a pocket-sized shitzu and a big, friendly Belgian shepherd – live for her cuddles.

“If it’s weird, she’ll most certainly buy it” - Rani’s mom

team gaya
PR Executive

Gaya Vermeylen

If Gaya’s impressive tea collection is anything like her, this little Miss Teacup is super organized - we’re talking next level categorizing here: colorful, strong and spicy, but also calming and always right there when you need her.

Always up-to-date with what’s happening in the world, our somewhat shy, but oh so lovely hard worker goes bananas over a good planning, structure and lists, many, many lists. No wonder, since her legendary drive seems to run in the family, with a shout out to grandpa Vermeylen!

Gaya can call herself a Master in History - how cool is that? - with an extra degree in Communication Management to top it all off. Add a successful internship with LolaLiza, and the rest is history!

With her eagle eye view, Gaya has an eye for detail, making sure to always choose her words wisely when emailing and dealing with customers, influencers and other celebrities, getting to know them and their flow better with every chat she has. She’s supporting the Lifestyle team wherever she can.

Not being known for being a super early bird, Gaya still jumps out of bed every Saturday morning to teach kids dance lessons in her hometown Mechelen - the only town if you ask her. Tiptoeing around on point shoes since she was five, our little dancer still puts in a cheeky pirouette whenever she can. In a dress of course, preferably with matching earrings. And watching a new series on Netflix or scoring seats for the latest performance of the Ballet of Flanders? Same, same.

“We might need a list for this” – G. Vermeylen

team inge
Finance & HR Manager

Inge Cok

Inge’s favorite key on the keyboard? The CTRL-button, without a doubt! A true power lady, thriving on pulling the right strings to get sh** done.

With a Master in Economics in her pocket, Inge learned the tricks of the consulting and auditing trade at Deloitte some 13 years ago. Figuring out how a company works makes her heart skip a beat, focusing on opportunities by using her creativity to find solutions get her brain all buzzing.
See, according to Inge, Excel is the answer to many questions in life. Oh, how she loves those dancing numbers, complex calculations and smart shortcuts!

Pretty sure that analytical mind of hers got fed big time when working at Sanoma Belgium, being surrounded by creatives and magazine makers, strengthening her love for small and medium enterprises – and making her a sucker for all things home decoration, that too. Working in finance and HR, Inge quickly made herself invaluable to the company, making sure to take away the worries, so managers could fully focus on their business.

And those tons of experience paid off, leading her straight to the lovely ladies of MMBSY!
As a multitasking octopus, Inge gladly plunges into all things finance, improving the cashflow, all while simultaneously cleaning up and optimizing the back office, just to name something. How about HR matters, from searching out inspiring trainings for our team to keeping an eye on the payroll? Keep calm and carry on, cuz’ Inge’s got this – and probably has got some time left to do something else, too.

Friends suspect Inge has a clone, or at least a secret twin sister. How else can she manage her job, her family, enduring a massive home renovation - super organized Pinterest mood boards, anyone? - and still find time to go shopping for ‘just one more’ pair of shoes, to go for a run, a bike ride or a family outdoor camping trip on top of her jeep? Some people…

Fun fact: when she was dating her husband at the time, he told her that he’d only marry her if she ran the ‘Brussels 20 km’, not thinking she would actually do it. Enter Inge’s drive. She went straight for the win, ending up with a ring around her finger, a proud hubby and two great kids along the way. Did we say she just loves, loves, loooves a challenge?

“Let’s get this sh** done!” – Inge, on every challenge ever.

team karen
Junior Content Marketeer

Karen Van Gucht

Bonjour, comment ça va?

Born and raised in the West of Flanders, the heart of this petite little globe trotter still skips a beat when strolling through the streets of Paris. Oh, that notorious elegance of the française, the endless people-watching and drooling over the outfits in the shop windows of Le Bon Marché while sipping a café… Life’s good when you’re an exchange student! Though getting a job offer at MMBSY after a successful internship is not bad either.

Karen is our down-to-earth, soft spoken content lover, but make no mistake, this one’s got some serious drive, not to mention a Master of Arts in Multilingual Communication in her pocket and a pretty solid range of French tongue twisters that make you go ooh-la-la!

Digital savvy is her superpower, with all things social media running through her blood, always being the first to know about the newest feature on Instagram - or the latest hotspot in the city. Don’t we all need a Karen in our lives? In our content team, Karen’s happily supporting our content managers with following up on customers, content plannings, but also assisting at shoots, to name just a few things.

She can be spotted marveling at the skills of good developers and IT workers, all while setting up ads and email marketing campaigns, updating WordPress and making sure the sites of our customers are always spic and span. Oh, you should also ask her about her vision on the digital future of fashion, and she’ll dazzle you with custom-made apps, the endless advantages of online clothes fittings and sustainability. Mark our words: the future is Karen!

Chaotically organized with a weakness of all things fashion, this committed vegetarian and collector of pretty little pics loves to stroll in the city and watch the world go by. When she’s not dancing, painting or sewing with her nana, Karen might be seen hunting for another pair of her favorite kicks: Converse All Stars, the seventies Chuck Tailor high model. Just to keep the other ones - the ones with sparkles, the plain ones, the limited edition ones… - some company, really!

team heloise
Digital Content Marketeer

Héloïse Selleslag

Say hello to Héloïse! Bringing you a mix of saturated fashion, digital happiness and an unforgettable party vibe, Héloïse has it all. As an influencer, she recognizes trends like no other. She switched from Twitter to Instagram five years ago, adding the “my life in pictures” ingredient. Started from the bottom, now we’re here!

As a communication studies graduate, Héloïse knows exactly how to speak ‘clientèle’ fluently. Working with all things digital, visuals, copywriting and even advertising, she masters all necessary skills to be exceptional.

As a true globetrotter, Héloïse is not afraid to travel or move around. Not surprisingly, she traded picturesque West Flanders to live in the city center of Antwerp. But will she be able to leave her oh-so-fluffy British Shorthair, Pomme? We certainly don’t think so.

Interesting sidenote: Héloïse is a true queen in the kitchen. Asian, French, Mexican, she goes to great lengths to give you an unforgettable evening with loads of tastiness. Bon appétit!

team mallika
PR Manager

Mallika D’Huys

When we talk about a jack-of-all-trades, we say Mallika! Playing the piano, singing, writing, drawing, being in a school band, … Mallika has done it all. Not only does she speak fashion fluently, she also is perfectly bilingual Dutch-English.

Growing up in Uganda, Kenya and the Philippines until she moved back to Belgium at 14, there’s no denying Mallika has seen the world. But did you know she traded the metropolis of Brussels for the most fashionable city of Antwerp? Super fun chatterbox Mallika already loved fashion when she was still quite young, and working part-time at Abercrombie & Fitch as a student only made her adore it even more.

Never having the most “in” school backpack, Mallika was always friends with both the cool kids and the ‘dorks’ and likes to be friends with everyone and anyone. It’s no surprise that she tends to avoid conflict and that her favourite quote is this one from Mean Girls: “I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat it and be happy”. Spreading positive vibes and happy smiles all around the office, yay!

What made her choose PR? Actually she didn’t. By a twist of fate she rolled into the sector, and being an outgoing, sociable person makes it the perfect match. Mallika also loves to help build strong brand stories and is a huge fan of fashion, jewellery and watches. Through the years she has discovered that PR is definitely her calling!

Fun fact: she is shy at first, but when she feels comfortable around you, she is like the donkey in Shrek (her words, not ours!): can’t seem to stop the chitchat, a little annoying, but for some reason people let her hang around. A little self-deprecating, but they do say that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Showroom & Office Manager

Veerle Klaps

"I am mine" – Pearl Jam.

Meet Veerle, our 26-year-old goal-getter with a passion for fashion. Her mantra is ‘I am mine’, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself at all costs. Born and raised in Herent, close to Leuven, she spent her entire childhood and teenage years there. She has never left her beloved Vlaams-Brabant, as she currently co-houses in Brussels. Veerle pursued her studies in communications in Brussels, and after three years, she discovered her passion for fashion. This revelation led her to pursue a master's degree in Fashion Business in Paris at Esmod, where she spent two years honing her expertise. Following her studies, she completed an internship at Raf Simons in Antwerp.

Veerle eventually found her way to MMBSY and now serves as our showroom manager. When she's not busy staying up to date with the latest fashion trends or organizing the showroom, you can find her at the gym or dancing on the pole. If you were to ask her friends to describe her, they would say she is goal-oriented, passionate, and straightforward. Veerle is a true pescatarian and is the youngest of three siblings.

One thing we can wake up Veerle for? Pain au chocolat of any kind. She would throw every healthy eating habit out of the window for a piece of that chocolate goodness. Bon appétit!

team eline
PR Manager

Eline Vervloet

If the term ‘social butterfly’ would have a face, it would be Eline’s. Our sassy, bubbly, positive extravert.

A true fine example of ‘Oh hey! Haven’t seen you in a while! How have you been?!’ at parties, catching up with anyone she knows. A great PR-skill to have, lifting switching between customers, influencers, suppliers and creatives to the next level.

Eline can also take a challenge or two. Like studying in Quebec during the final year of her Strategic Communication Master, for example, to finetune her PR-skills en français, or being an intern at The Wicked PR to name a few.

Might be spotted secretly pinching herself in disbelief when it dawns on her how much she loves her job. ‘Just your average day at the office’ is not how she’d describe a random working day, and it’s exactly that variety that floats her boat. Drawing the outlines of a 60K budget plan in the morning, while picking up eucalyptus springs for an event in the afternoon? Yes, ma’am!

Hands-on, and solid as a rock.
At MMBSY, Eline’s got you covered. Pinky promise.

Tough cookie, but don’t let her watch videos of soldiers coming home to their dogs unattended (spoiler alert: lots of happy tears). She also has a weak spot for cute-looking pugs, her utter and ultimate source of pure happiness.

Lover of carbs, metal, rock-‘n-roll, karaoke and musicals. #noshame
Just don’t ask her to pick a favorite musical song, because she’ll tell you it’s like “choosing between your children”.

Sassy, we told ya.

team carolien
Head of Fashion PR

Carolien Swinnen

Entering the world of your favorite magazine as a journalist intern, and going out with a bang 11 years later as editor-in-chief? Carolien did it at Elle magazine, where she learned the tricks of the trade, writing and styling her way through the lovely life of fashion and lifestyle.

Knows her way around all things fashion like no other, from who’s who and what’s hot and what’s not, to an extensive knowledge of couturiers. At MMBSY, as Head of Fashion PR this leading lady will be waving her fashionable wand over the fashion team, sharing her expertise and making sure our fashion customers get a red carpet treatment.

See, as a seasoned journalist, Carolien knows exactly how to put a brand out there. Content is key? You bet it is. Meaningful, relevant and tailor-made content, to be precise.
Outspoken when it comes to female rights, making sure all women get a voice, whether it is in big PR campaigns or everyday life.

Looks at new trends and hypes like David Attenborough looks at rare species: observant and fascinated, and never ever judging. (Plus the blonde manes, minus the deep voice).
Likes a laidback look and pulls off oversized pieces with Minnie Mouse socks like nobody else. ‘Street style, but make it cute’ must have been invented just for her.

Strong-willed and competitive, our sporty Carolien not only likes to push herself lifting weights in the gym, but she also once trained for a marathon in just six months, ‘because 5 k was just a tad too little’. Uses her longboard like other people use their bike and can be found swiftly surfing the streets of Brussels.

Office dog, anyone? Carolien is just dying to get herself the cutest Pommarian, a pocket-size fluffball that fits right into a - undoubtedly timeless yet casual - handbag. Coincidence? We don’t think so. And besides, who said you cannot mix work and play?

‘Like it? Then just wear the damn thing.’ - C. Swinnen

team mie
Managing Partner

Mie Van der Auwera

MMBSY’s other half of the managing team and former leading lady of some of Belgium’s finest women’s magazines (Flair, Glamit, Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui), this creative bee can always be found buzzing around where the action is.

Mie knows magazines from the inside out, and can still be in awe to see a killer idea bloom into great content, closely monitoring every step along the production process.
Storytelling runs through her blood, as does keeping a close relation to her wide network of press connections.
Treats her brands like babies, making sure they can grow, until they’re strong enough to shine brightly.

Loves a good run at dawn, losing herself in her upbeat playlist (and belting out loud the chorus - oops).
Soul lady pur sang, thanks to a music-loving dad with a guitar, a piano and a weak spot for Otis Redding and good ol’ Elvis.

Cuddler of two daughters, a husband and dearest dog John, a spirited cocker who loves campervan trips to Norway and who is a full member of the family.

team martyna
Content Marketeer

Martyna Majchrzak

Hey Google, how would you describe Martyna? Trustworthy, energetic and creative. And funny. She doesn’t like to say that out loud, yet she undeniably is. With her creative mindset and eager beaver mentality, we’re sure that Martyna is the perfect match.

With a degree in Journalism, Martyna can tell stories without a doubt. She trained her conceptual mind during her time as editor-in-chief at Culinaire Ambiance, but felt like she needed some more creativity on the job. Pretty sure that she’ll find that within our content team.

Did you know Martyna was born in Poland? Not only does she like to travel to her motherland, she also took a sabbatical to travel when she graduated high school to find out what she really wanted in life. Turns out, her purpose is creating wonderful content.

When she’s not being creative at the office, Martyna likes to get creative in the kitchen. Especially with vegan meals. Although she deliberately doesn’t practice any sports, she really enjoys long walks around her hometown Antwerp.

Considering Martyna regularly watches crime documentaries about the most tremendous serial killers, you might think she was planning to become one too. But instead she became our serial content killer. Much better, isn’t it?

PR Manager

Nathalie Vriends

If determination took a human form, it would be called Nathalie. Born and raised in our neighboring country, this Dutch go-getter wandered off 10 years ago to study communications in Antwerp. She fell in love with the opportunities the city had to offer and has been a local ever since. Lucky us!

When she’s not blazing her path through the professional world of strategic PR plans and press releases, you can find her in the city drifting around, looking for new fun hotspots where she can linger with her friends. With delicious food to her left, and a good conversation to her right, she’s recharged to break new barriers as a Fashion PR Manager. For Nathalie, it was a deliberate choice to come to Antwerp for her studies because, after all, this vibrant city lives and breathes fashion. Furthermore, she has worked for various local and international fashion brands as a PR Manager for the past seven years.

Nathalie is hell-bent on getting what she wants and isn’t afraid to push boundaries. But don’t put a big eared puppy in the same room, they seem to be her kryptonite. She dreams of getting a curly haired Cocker Spaniel of her own one day. And if you’re ever looking for her, best believe you’ll find Nathalie by spotting her signature curly bun.

With her family still in The Netherlands, and little brother - who’s not so little anymore - moving to the USA, she hops from place to place all around the globe. Luckily, she’s an enthusiast who can keep up the pace like you’ve never seen before!

team magalie
Influencer Marketing Executive

Magalie Dierckx

Wanna know about the latest dance craze on TikTok? Or the hottest feature on Instagram?
Then our creative spring chicken Magalie is your woman.

Getting social is her middle name, a big asset when it comes to participating in our creative brainstorms, guiding our clients through that big online jungle, spotting opportunities wherever she can. From trending topics to funny challenges, Magalie will know what to do, how and when, with a permanent focus on authenticity and visibility.

With a background in Communication Management and influencer marketing, Magalie knows a good campaign when she sees one - or creates one - under the competent wings of our PR Lifestyle team. As a true people pleaser, she’ll go out of her way to get the job done, from prepping behind-the-scenes to pampering her press contacts, all while pulling out transparent statistics on campaigns, analyzing what worked - and what didn’t.
Did you know Magalie already had her eye on MMBSY when she was still in school, already applying for an internship in her second year? Now that’s what we call persistence!

Oh, and if you’re ever in need for some stylish carafes, cute retro chairs or funky vases, make sure to check out ‘Magasin’ - magasin finds on IG - Magalie’s vintage interior project that got a little bit out of hand. We guess that’s what happens when your mum takes you vintage hunting as a kid…

Dead serious when it comes to food, Magalie takes great pride in conducting a comparative tasting study of all things croquette: from crunchy cheese croquettes tot delicate shrimp croquettes, she’ll carefully dissect, savor and judge every sample on its texture, freshness and bite. Bonus points go to fried parsley garnish and odd shapes. It’s a true lifework, we know, but someone’s gotta do it!

“I’ll have the croquettes, thank you” – M. Dierckx on every menu, ever.

team lieselot
Teamlead Lifestyle PR

Lieselot Moerkerke

The heart of a go-getter, lover of lifestyle and a killer eye for detail: Meet Lieselot, our force of nature that will take your PR by storm. Lieselot will happily juggle deadlines, while coming up with creative ideas, all without batting an eyelash. What can we say… she knows what she wants.

No wonder Lieselot traded in Ostend for the vibrant city of Brussels to study journalism. This one is a real city girl. Putting pen to paper as an intern at some of Belgium’s finest magazines such as Knack Weekend and Elle kick-started her passion for lifestyle. She learnt the tricks of the trade as a journalist at VENUEZ – a platform for hospitality professionals- covering everything hot and happening in the Belgian hospitality scene. After a few years she was ready for a new challenge and she went on to work as PR manager at heavy-weights such as Wunderman Thompson.

Here at MMBSY, Lieselot works her magic on our lifestyle and food clients. Coming up with delicious strategies, finger licking good ideas and whipping up plannings, all while keeping her zen. Lieselot never met a deadline she didn’t love. She checks things off her list faster than a speeding bullet. And we love you for it, Lieselot!

If PR is Lieselot’s passion, food is her religion. Need any tips on where to eat in town? This foodie is your go-to girl. We heard a rumour that she personally keeps every restaurant in Antwerp in business. And with a husband who used to be one of the best bartenders in the world, she struck gold. They even have their own apero room at home. Cheers to that!

team lyddia
Managing Partner - Amsterdam

Lyddia Roy

Born and raised in the always bustling city of Amsterdam. With over 20 years of experience Lyddia lives and breathes Public Relations and is more than ready to make MMBSY NL a household name in the Netherlands.

Her career in PR started at Tommy Hilfiger Europe where, at only 23 years old, she set up the PR network spanning 14 countries which made her air miles go through the roof as she was always traveling to another fashionable city representing the TH brand. Her work was noticed by her colleagues in New York and she was offered a job at the New York offices which of course Lyddia happily accepted. Working for the American fashion mogul gave her the opportunity to work with an incredible roster of A-list celebrities (no name dropping, but you can always ask ;-)).

She worked for high end fashion and luxury brands as well as in the art, gaming, beauty and hospitality industry with the launch and opening of W Amsterdam Hotel as one of her biggest flexes in the Netherlands.
After a short stint at couture house Viktor & Rolf, Lyddia took her fashion experience to the sports industry and launched numerous products with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Helena Christensen et al. The icing on the cake? Leading the international launch of CrossFit Reebok. So if you see a CrossFit box somewhere in your city: she had something to do with it.
Eager to learn but also very passionate about teaching the next generation of PR mavens the tricks of the trade.

Passionate about music, anything fashion, and dancing, be it in class or a club: it’s her natural habitat. She can’t wait to hit the dance floor with her newest business partner Myra. Want to make her smile: bring her something delicious to eat.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds. We're always looking for new talent. Let's talk via