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Our ambassadors are like a box of chocolate; great taste and style and with that soft crunch to get you asking for more.

Mats Dierckx

Showroom manager

“Do you want a piece of me?” said no one ever, at work. Except for our mighty Mats.
Name any piece in our showroom, and Mats will know exactly where it’s from, how to wear it and how to give it the stage space it deserves.

This charming fashion lover goes out of his way to make stylists feel at home in our MMBSY showroom. He knows our brands like the back of his pocket, and goes all bananas when he can get his hands on styling, mixing and matching. Proactively calling a stylist upfront, giving them the heads-up on the latest goodies? Yup, as the saying goes: matching the right piece with the right person makes Mats a very happy man.

And since time is money, Mats prides himself on that swift service. A good briefing and a swing from his organizational wand is all it takes to create the perfect look with our brands.
A stylist’s dream? You betcha!

Sonya Samat

Office manager

I spy with my little eye… our smiley Sonya!

Not a single publication escapes her trained eye: she eagerly scans hundreds of sites and magazines, and with a mere tap on her keyboard, Sonya rolls out a detailed publication database per customer. Measuring is power and giving brands the necessary visibility is key, so we make sure to monitor all those relevant publications!

Smart dressing comes naturally to Sonya, so being surrounded by the latest trends in fashion makes working at MMBSY inspiring for a fashionista like her. From black basics to power looks, Sonya’s got it!

Our silent MMBSY force during the week, but an avid dancer in the weekend, including a dash of glitter.

True story: we’ve never caught Sonya grumpy.

Dorien Van Der Brempt

PR Manager

Seasoned and stylish, now that’s what we call a killer combo!
Dorien’s been part of the team since forever, making her our go-to reference for all things PR and fashion. Kind-hearted and thorough, she makes our customers feel at home as from day one.
Having studied communications, with an internship in – we kid you not - Paris, Dorien is a true woman of the world. Looking for beauty wherever she goes, always perfecting until it just feels right.
Lover of mixing images and words, kick-ass mailings that will stick and cool collabs.
This girl got moves! Cheerleading, pole dancing, or swinging through her living room with her little boy, give Dorien a retro house beat and she’ll shake it!

Dorothee Marcus

PR Manager

Dorothee speaks fashion fluently. Having a background in communication sure does help, and so does having a knack for Belgian brands!

She absolutely thrives in the ever-changing world of media, and loves to dig deep for her customers, going all the way to get to the core of her target audience.
Dorothee just oozes creativity and girl power.

Proud green girl, living life to the fullest without a car, trying to live sustainably and buying local.
Electronic dance chick, and the life of the party at all things alternative, dark and underground.

Our strong-willed trooper, but psst, she gets all gooey when she talks about her dog…

Margo Van Raemdonck

PR Manager

All secret agents have exquisite taste, and so does this trend spotter and city chick. Our silent force, but don’t underestimate what lies beneath. With her nose for trends and an eye for detail, she knows all the ins before they’re even out there.

Margo knows her way around in the world of PR & magazines and is fluent in French after five years of working in Brussels. Ah oui!
Creative conceptual thinker at MMBSY, where she’s built up an impressive portfolio over the last seven years, always rethinking brands and their image until they’re just right.

Exotic by blood, being half-Indonesian, adventurous by nature. While the hipsters are sipping from their soy latte on Bali, Margo is already checking out under-the-radar hotspots with the locals.

Fan of revived eighties brands like Reebok, and with a hairdresser as a father, her Wonder Years were bound to be filled with big hairdo’s and neon track suits.

Might be caught singing to Eternal Flame, while packing her backpack for her next trip…

Laura Buydaert

PR Manager

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for an exciting ride, because this energy bomb is bound to take you on a flight to remember! With her quick wit and ravishing smile, this once ex-stewardess might’ve frequented private jets, but is far too down-to-earth to be easily star struck.

At MMBSY, she’s always on the lookout for edgy creators and passionate ambassadors, both on- and offline. Bold & beautiful and bound to make your brand buzz, always looking at it from the other angle.

Lover of underdogs, nineties b(r)ands, clever puns and whispering to her plant babies.

Carpool karaoke song: anything waking up her inner Spice Gir.l

Shana Kleynen

PR Manager

Meet our Miss Perfect: Shana!

When Shana is on to something, we can be sure she’ll nail it. Perfectionist, dutiful and with a great eye for detail, this lovely lady leaves nothing to chance and we love it!

Listening to her customers is key to her, and so is following up from a to z: from welcoming new accounts to getting in touch with stylists, sending out newsletters or visiting press events, Shana’s got it covered.
Enthusiastic team player and social bee.

Avid runner – hello, Ten Miles! – and amateur cook, always dressing her plates to perfection.

Fan of a particular red-haired singer who we were told not to mention… 🙂

Helena Vanleeuw

Social Media Manager

With a smartphone for a right hand, Helena sure knows how to get social.
Snapping pics before you can even say ‘hashtag’, creating jaw-droppingly cool Instagram posts and always swiftly swaying through the jungle of social media, on the lookout for anything exciting. (A bit like Jane, but way better dressed, though leopard prints have been making a comeback for a while now)

Being the boss lady of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog Five More Minutes ( , she’s a true insider who thinks like an influencer, getting all the tricks of the trade at first hand.
Needless to say that reaching out to fellow influencers is peanuts for this lovely lady!

Carpool karaoke guilty pleasure: Girls just wanna have fun, with a side of glitter make-up on weekends.

Raf Caramin

PR Manager

At MMBSY, our men might be outnumbered, but boy, do they stand their ground.
We’re also pretty sure Raf leads a double life as Mc Gyver. Give the man a screwdriver and he installs a child’s seat before you can even say ‘oh baby’. Did you know he’s been carrying the same Laguiole knife since 1999? Just sayin’.

Being there since the very start, at the early days of Media Mania and after more than 20 years in the business, Raf knows the world of PR like the back of his hand.
As a former journalist for newspaper de Standaard, his press files are every editorial office’s dream: full of great content, to the point and impeccable.
Raf values the power of building up a long-lasting relation with his clients, making his portfolio one filled with international contacts in the food and non-fashion industry.

Lover of all things good for the heart and soul: Prince, Beethoven’s sixth Symphony and whipping up a mean pork cheeks stew with coconut milk for any willing table guests.

Mie Van der Auwera

Managing Partner

MMBSY’s other half of the managing team and former leading lady of some of Belgium’s finest women’s magazines (Flair, Glamit, Libelle/Femmes d’Aujourd’hui), this creative bee can always be found buzzing around where the action is.

Mie knows magazines from the inside out, and can still be in awe to see a killer idea bloom into great content, closely monitoring every step along the production process.
Storytelling runs through her blood, as does keeping a close relation to her wide network of press connections.
Treats her brands like babies, making sure they can grow, until they’re strong enough to shine brightly.

Loves a good run at dawn, losing herself in her upbeat playlist (and belting out loud the chorus - oops).
Soul lady pur sang, thanks to a music-loving dad with a guitar, a piano and a weak spot for Otis Redding and good ol’ Elvis.

Cuddler of two daughters, a husband and dearest dog John, a spirited cocker who loves campervan trips to Norway and who is a full member of the family.

Myra Nurski

Managing Partner

Once running around from one jewelry store to another with a briefcase full of fancy diamonds, Myra’s now running that other gem, MMBSY, together with partner-in-crime Mie. Her diamond days might be over, but this fierce leading lady is only getting warmed up.

With a solid background in communication, a Master after Master in Fashion Management at the Polimoda in Florence and an internship at Natan, Myra knows (high end) fashion when she sees it. Working with demanding luxury brands taught her a love of great storytelling, quality and critical thinking.

Being half Italian and half Polish, no need to say family parties are always memorable at casa Nurski! Absolutely loves: a damn fine watch, shopping with her two kids – mini fashionistas in the make - and going dancing.

Oh, and if you want to know her secret dance move, you should ask her twin brother.


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