Pisang Event

The work

We curated a vibrant Pisang Ambon launch at Bar Zar in Antwerp, engaging 40 carefully chosen influencers and their plus ones who embodied the brand’s values. Ahead of the event, we sent enticing Pisang Ambon packages, building anticipation. During the event, we created dynamic reels videos capturing its lively essence and managed @pisang_ambon’s social media for real-time engagement. This approach strategically blended event curation, influencer engagement, and dynamic content creation, amplifying Pisang Ambon’s repositioning to resonate authentically with the target audience. 

The challenge

In response to Lucas Bols Company’s initiative to reposition Pisang Ambon, our aim was to create an exclusive guest list and develop engaging event content. The challenge revolved around revitalizing Pisang Ambon, a once-popular green banana liqueur, for a new audience. 

The brand aimed to embody uniqueness and a vibrant lifestyle, different from everyday routines. A key part of this change was the brand’s new message: ‘For the One and Only’s.’ The goal was to connect deeply with people who, like Pisang Ambon, embody vibrant uniqueness 


The results

 Our pre-event packages stirred anticipation among influencers, sparking interest in Pisang Ambon. The event, featuring 40 non-paid influencers and guests, showcased vibrant summer-themed cocktails and activities, resulting in a 200.19K reach and 151 publications. The campaign’s notable 2% engagement rate on Instagram spoke volumes about the audience’s enthusiastic reception, reflecting their strong connection with the brand. This boosted brand visibility and engagement, conveying Pisang Ambon’s unique lifestyle, ultimately achieving an earned media value (EMV) of 6.28K€. 


Social media coverage:  

  • 40 local micro influencers 
  • 151 publications (8 posts + 143 stories) 
  • 200.19K reach 
  • 700 engagement (694 likes, 36 comments) 
  • 6.28K€ EMV