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Corporate communications

MMBSY Corporate puts communications at the service of your business. We help companies find their unique voice, tell their story and strengthen their reputation, by choosing communication focal points and creating plans, tools and materials that resonate.

Focused on stimulating your business, by voicing your objectives and purpose

MMBSY Corporate Communications services

We help companies shape their unique company story to make it relevant to a broad as well as a specific audience and increase resonance. In times of change, we support companies to manage and protect their reputation. Development of corporate communications tools and materials, spokesperson preparation and key message training.

Crisis and change communications

site closures, mergers, divestitures, restructurings – events that impact a company’s employees and business as usual. Together with the client and through thorough preparation and planning of messaging and process, MMBSY Corporate helps companies communicate the change to all involved, internally and externally.

Integrated communications

News must be communicated to all relevant stakeholders, from employees to media, at the right moment and on the right channels, in a coordinated manner. MMBSY Corporate supports companies with their integrated communications, taking care of the right tools and timings to make everyone feel informed and involved.

C-suite thought leadership

More than ever, C-suite leaders are expected to express a vision for their company, their sector and even society. MMBSY Corporate manages content calendars for compelling storytelling on relevant social media (LinkedIn) and public platforms, serving the company’s business objectives.

Our guiding principles for corporate communications


We value the ‘why’ of your business to the extreme and make it resonate in the chosen approach. We root your communication with your unique identity and culture, aligning the message with your core values and objectives and communicating through the trusted sources of your audience.

We take all stakeholders’ interests into account. We bear in mind their situation and needs, so they can really connect with your objectives and purpose. We empathize, and help you communicate in an informative and aspirational manner.

We add perspective, challenge your message and approach if needed, and think beyond the obvious. We dare to address what’s uncomfortable.

We are firm believers of collective intelligence and complementarity. Once the strategy is set, we excel in execution. We continuously improve and adjust along the way. As real team players, we thoroughly enjoy co-creating with our teams and with yours, in a constructive atmosphere.

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