B2B content and social media campaign  

The challenge

While the world roars with bravado and bombast, the Flemish business leader opts for simplicity and authenticity. Our entrepreneur often feels like the underdog, and why not? We love that perspective… Instead of trying to be someone you’re not, we’ve teamed up with Vivaldis to embrace that underdog position and celebrate the Flemish business owner.  

Vivaldis aims to enhance its relationship with SMEs by providing valuable content that positions them as a trusted partner and leader for SME owners. Our content connects with SME owners through newsletters and social media, directing them to our website where they find helpful insights and tips for their daily challenges. 

The work

After extensive research, we decided to reach business owners through podcasts. Podcasts offer a convenient way for them to stay informed and inspired, even on the go. To stand out, we created Leaders & Legends, focusing on the stories of historical underdogs like Steve Jobs and Darwin. Their experiences will inspire listeners to pursue their own goals courageously. To add more dynamism to the podcast and engage our target audience, we also invited three successful entrepreneurs to share their stories. We intertwine their storylines with those of well-known underdogs, creating a cohesive blend of inspiration and motivation. 

We use smart production techniques, capturing both audio and video content to distribute via social media and generate more awareness. This approach grabs the attention of our entrepreneurs and guides them to the podcast through engaging social media snippets.  

Last but not least, we gather all the information obtained through the podcast and create a creative e-book for businesses to enhance their business management. This way, we collect data for Vivaldis while providing our target audience with a useful tool.  

The results

  • A total of 3 big entrepreneurs joined in on the campaign. 
  • We generated a total of 718k impressions and 7k clicks  
  • Our podcast was opened a total of 2.1k  


  • 3 podcast episodes
  • 18 social videos
  • 8 social visuals
  • 1 blogpost 
  • 1 e-book  
  • 1 newsletter