Daily Dose Of Nature

The challenge

A.S.Adventure, the Belgian outdoor retailer, tasked MMBSY and MMPRESS with a challenging mission. It wanted to launch an awareness campaign on April 7th, World Health Day, that encouraged Belgians to embrace the benefits of nature and engage in daily walking for the betterment of their physical and mental health. This message was activated with a retail action, actively maintained to obtain greater customer loyalty. 

The work

Together with A.S.Adventure, MMBSY devised the ‘Daily Dose of Nature’ sensitization campaign, aiming to encourage Belgians to embrace nature daily for better mental and physical well-being. The campaign launched on World Health Day with a scientifically-backed Daily Dose of Nature-Manifesto, highlighting the positive effects of even a small dose of nature on heart rate, cortisol levels, mood, and self-esteem. 

To achieve massive awareness towards the message of the benefits of a daily dose of nature, MMBSY collaborated with health experts, doctors, psychologists, wellness workers, philosophers, occupational therapists, etc. to create awareness, encourage and convince the Belgian population to actively seek out nature and incorporate walking into their daily routines. 

Our press approach involved strategic targeting of media outlets, focusing on the campaign’s expert perspective and communicating the numerous advantages of nature through compelling messaging and relatable content. 

On World Health Day, we held a press activation featuring experts and testimonials, particularly aimed at audiovisual press. For lifestyle media, we emphasized the benefits of incorporating nature into daily routines and provided practical tips for easy integration. 

To conclude the PR campaign, we also wrote a strong opinion piece, together with A.S.Adventure’s CEO Bea de Beuckelaer. In this piece, the CEO highlighted the benefits of including a Daily Dose of Nature in the workplace. A.S.Adventure, which always puts Corporate Social Responsibility at the forefront, and is itself leading by example in the workplace – and even more so since releasing the manifesto – also introduced its own initiative called ‘a day off in nature’ for employees. This opinion piece was published in De Tijd and L’Echo. 

Beyond the PR campaign, we bolstered the message through influencer marketing. The initial launch was followed by an influencer marketing campaign and a campaign on A.S. Adventure’s own channels with testimonial videos of influencers. Aside from the PR campaign, MMBSY also reinforced the message through the creation of video content. We collaborated with influencers like Leen Dendievel and Adrien Devyver to create storytelling videos, shared on A.S. Adventure’s and the influencers’ channels. 

The results

Our efforts yielded remarkable results, with a staggering ROI of 728%.

On the one hand, through 36 media channels, we reached an impressive 31 million impressions, generating a PR-value of €680,350. Prominent media outlets, including VTM Nieuws, ATV, Nostalgie, Radio 2, MNM, JoeFM, Het Laatste Nieuws, Le Soir, Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Belang van Limburg, De Tijd, and L’Echo, featured clippings of the ‘Daily Dose of Nature’ campaign.

The manifesto and associated content also attracted considerable attention, with more than 15,000 views. The accompanying motivation program by A.S.Adventure also received more than 9,500 views and more than 4,000 Belgians signed up for AS Adventure’s motivation program. Moreover, A.S.Adventure has experienced remarkable growth, with a remarkable 8.2% increase in shoe sales compared to the previous year. On 29 April, the company achieved record sales in the shoes category with the most shoes sold in a single day, demonstrating the campaign’s tangible impact on sales. 

More than just a commercial endeavor, the campaign addressed a vital societal issue—the disconnection between humans and nature. By raising awareness on multiple levels, from expert advice to incorporating nature in the workplace and general information about its importance, we aimed to foster behavior change and improve public health, well-being, and environmental conservation. 

Our strategic approach extended beyond short-term promotion, providing practical support with tips, inspiration, and a 12-week motivation program to help individuals embrace nature in their daily lives. By prioritizing long-term engagement and behavioral change, we set a benchmark for other PR initiatives, showcasing our commitment to making a lasting impact.