Campaign Lift Integral & probiotic cleansers

The challenge 

French dermo-cosmetic brand Lierac, renowned for its focus on skin well-being, underwent a transformative journey recently. With the launch of the Lift Integral line, an innovative collection of anti-aging products designed for lasting effectiveness and an immersive sensory experience, along with a reimagined range of probiotic cleansers, Lierac had unveiled exceptional offerings. The challenge at hand was to give these remarkable products the spotlight they deserved and enhance Lierac’s visibility, creating a vibrant buzz and fostering conversations about their rejuvenating effects. 


The solution 

In response to this challenge, MMBSY took action to amplify Lierac’s presence and invigorate discussions around their products. By strategically spotlighting the Lift Integral line and the rejuvenated cleansers, MMBSY facilitated an intensified focus on these exceptional creations.  

We engaged 36 journalists and 16 influencers, curating special seeding kits featuring the Lift Integral and cleansing line. This initiative generated a surge in (social) media buzz and discourse, magnifying the brand’s impact.  

To further accentuate the products, we orchestrated a press event. This exclusive gathering welcomed 12 influential beauty journalists and 6 key influencers to the enchanting Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp, an apt backdrop for Lierac’s essence.  

Attendees explored the collections, gained insights from Lierac’s presentation, and experienced the products firsthand.  

The event culminated in a lavish lunch at the renowned Fine Fleur restaurant—a fitting homage to Lierac’s luxury and expertise.  

MMBSY meticulously coordinated every aspect, from location selection to guest invitations, ensuring an impeccable experience that resonated with Lierac’s ethos. 

Lierac event
Lierac - event

The results 

The campaign was strongly received by all relevant press and influencers, which resulted in long lead and short lead media coverage by various titles and strong engagement on Instagram, sharing revolutionary skin care solutions! 

The figures 

  • Total reach: 14.310.486 
  • Reach press: 13.792.886 
  • Reach social: 517.600 
  • Total PR value: € €152.932,5. 
  • Number of publications: 92  
  • Press publications: 26 
  • Social: 66