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Event Production

We are passionate about creating meaningful and memorable experiences that connect people. So, let’s throw a party together. Because great memories last a lifetime. Together we’ll organise a killer event where your brand story and messages are front -and-centre.

Let’s make memories

It’s all about experience

At MMBSY, we design experiences by telling authentic stories that move your audience. It’s at the heart of everything we do. So it’s safe to say we know how to create a brand experience that connects directly with your consumer.

We’ll partner up with you to co-create bespoke experiences. From event management to creative direction: we will help you see the bigger picture. We tell your story through venues, design, entertainment, food, music,… Our mission? To create a moment your audience will never forget.



Ellemieke Vermolen

Bristol – Het Perfecte Paar

With this campaign, Bristol seeks to not only be a beloved brand but also an anti-hero with whom families, of all compositions, can resonate. The target audience? Families in Belgium and the Netherlands, united by the shared experiences of parenthood.

REEBOK EMEA – Launch ZigTech with Lewis Hamilton

Introducing Reebok ZigTech, an innovative footwear and apparel collection by Reebok, across the EMEA territories in an educative and experiential manner in order for media and consumers.
Veritas STOX

Veritas – Love your Legs

Belgian retailer Veritas, an expert in legwear with a heart for its customers, came to MMBSY with a clear challenge: 'How can we encourage as many Belgians as possible to take more care of their legs?'

Vivaldis – Leaders & Legends

While the world roars with bombast, the Flemish business leader chooses simplicity and authenticity. Often feeling like the underdog, they bring a unique perspective that we absolutely love! Instead of trying to be someone they're not, we've teamed up with Vivaldis to embrace and celebrate that underdog spirit in Flemish business owners.

Sage Appliances – (Soft) launch Barista Touch Impress

In September, Sage Appliances, the high-end Australian brand of kitchen and coffee appliances, launched the innovative Barista Touch Impress. Knowing that an espresso machine can be complex, the brand created an appliance that guides you to the perfect cup of coffee, all in the snap of a finger.

Mayerline – Embrace Age

This International Women's Day, Mayerline wanted to offer a voice to women over 50 to talk about equality and how they are daily dealing with the double bias of being a woman and being ‘of age’.

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