Sleep Event

The challenge

Emma has a clear-cut mission: to be the world’s leading and most reliable sleep brand. With this ambitious goal in mind, they sought assistance from MMBSY to take their brand to new heights in Belgium, which is an emerging market for Emma. To achieve this, Emma needed a local agency with expertise in B2C PR. Their objective was to install thought leadership and highlight Emma’s profound knowledge and expertise in the realm of sleep.  

The solution

MMBSY’s objective was to establish Emma as a leading brand in Belgium by generating media interest and increasing brand awareness. To achieve this, we developed a strategic approach that integrates scientific-based storytelling, a study on the benefits of good sleep, the School of Sleep, and a press event with captivating key messages and an inspiring experience.  

First, we analyzed the Belgian media landscape to identify relevant outlets and influencers for the target audience.  

We organized a study and market research that provided valuable insights into the preferences and interests of Belgians concerning sleep, health, and well-being. 

Next, we crafted a compelling narrative based on scientific research, emphasizing the benefits of quality sleep on overall health. Collaborating with sleep expert Dr. Inge Declercq, we set up a ‘sleep exercise’ session/ School of Sleep to educate the press and participants on the importance of sleep and endorse the brand’s message. 

The culmination of our efforts was a press event at the beautiful Plantentuin in Meise, blending storytelling with an inspiring experience. The venue aligned with the brand’s image, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Key journalists attended, discovering the study results and engaging with our ambassador to discuss the challenges Belgians face while sleeping. 

Throughout the event, we captured the reactions of the attending press through photos and videos, ensuring a memorable and impactful PR campaign for Emma’s sleep brand. 

Emma Event
Emma Event

The results

During the event, we had the pleasure of hosting six journalists from top-tier magazines. Our efforts surpassed the KPI, resulting in 24 clippings, with 7 in news media and 17 in lifestyle media.  

These achievements translated to an impressive reach of 16,192,252 and a substantial PR value of €454,138. Emma garnered significant media coverage, being featured in prominent Belgian newspapers such as La Libre Belgique and Het Laatste Nieuws. Furthermore, important lifestyle media outlets like Flair, Feeling, and Gezond covered Emma’s story. Even the more corporate weekly magazine, Trends, featured the survey results in their print edition. 

The clippings we obtained were of exceptional quality, ranging from the press release being copy-pasted to in-depth articles with interviews featuring Dr. Declercq’s expertise and tips. All of the clippings were entirely on-topic (about the study and tips & tricks) and mentioned Emma in a prominent way (mostly even in the first two paragraphs). 

All these results indicate that we obtained our goal of making Emma top of mind amongst Belgian press and claim thought leadership as the sleep expert that they are.