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This is what we do.

Got a creative content request, a petite PR problem or just looking for the best way to get your message out there? We’re here for you, just check out our services and make your pick.

Public Relations

Be ‘top of mind’ with the right journalists, stylists and influencers Our showroom aka inspiration room is the meeting point for stylists, journalists and influencers.

Influencer Marketing

MMBSY masters and crafts your communication strategy efficiently on social media. Where your audience is, we communicate.

Content Marketing

MMBSY knows how to get the message through, how to connect, how to engage, how to follow and always be slightly ahead of your target groups.

Social Media

We activate your product with engageing social media collabs. Your product, idea and vision in the right way in front of the right audience.

Corporate communication

By telling your unique story and strengthening your reputation, we stimulate your business and – most importantly- engage key-audiences.

Event production

MMBSY believes in the power of memorable and magical experiences. We’ll build connections and expand your reach all while creating memories with events.

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