MMBSY is a full-service PR and Content Marketing embassy.

Once upon a time

We’re proud of our legacy: the strong foundations of Media Mania, a renowned Antwerp PR-agency with over 20 years of experience.
Thanks to these roots, we can effortlessly juggle with cool words like proven track record, an expert reputation and an awesome portfolio of strong lifestyle brands. Yes, we can walk the talk.

Enter MMBSY.

In 2019, new managing partners Mie Van der Auwera and Myra Nurski choose to fast-forward under the new name: MMBSY. Mie & Myra. Double M. Double the expertise. Double the network. Triple the fun.

At MMBSY, we believe your brand story deserves the royal treatment. That’s why we offer you the best creative craftsmanship and the authority of trusted sources.

A bit lost on the latter?
Let’s explain over a coffee!

Take me to straight to this royal treatment, please.

Trusted sources

We have direct access to Belgium’s finest. And we’re not talking chocolate here, but trusted, reliable and relevant sources. Think: a network of close contacts with Belgium’s most followed and loved influencers and a fine selection of journalists, mixed with Myra’s and Mie’s background in Media (at Roularta & Sanoma Media). No need to say that’s a killer combo.

Creative Craftsmanship

Add Mie’s track record of being in charge of Belgium’s biggest household brands in media (Flair, Feeling, Glam*it, Libelle and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui) and you know you’re dealing with a true Content Queen here. She works her storytelling magic with spot-on content strategies, content distribution and creative formats, hitting the right content sweet spots before you can even ask ‘when can we shoot it’.

Ooh, and did we mention our headquarters?

Our stunner showroom aka inspiration room is located in PAKT, Antwerp’s coolest creative hotspot and a true meeting point for stylists, journalists and influencers.

Lucky us? We’d rather say: Lucky YOU.

Because sharing is caring, and boy, how we love to share!
(Except for desserts. Don’t even think about it.)


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