The Perfect Pair

The challenge

On March 21st, Bristol took a significant step towards celebrating ‘Single Parents Day’, reinforcing its commitment as a partner for families of all kinds, including one-parent households. With this campaign, Bristol seeks to not only be a beloved brand but also an anti-hero with whom families, of all compositions, can resonate. The target audience? Families in Belgium and the Netherlands, united by the shared experiences of parenthood. Bristol approached us with a mission: to redefine its identity, illuminate the significance of Single Parents Day, and establish authentic connections with its audience. This campaign is dedicated to embracing inclusivity and providing support to all families.

The work

In our pursuit to celebrate the incredible strength and multitasking abilities of single parents, we introduced the concept of ‘The Perfect Pair’. This idea stemmed from a thorough survey conducted to understand the presence and needs of single parents within Bristol’s customer base.


To strengthen this narrative, we partnered with the charismatic single parent ambassador, Ellemieke Vermolen. She shared her warm, family-oriented story as a powerful message and to underline the resilience and determination of single parents. The campaign video was shot at Ellemieke’s home in Knokke, accompanied by her son Noah. The use of an analogue camera added that genuine touch we were seeking. We produced two master videos in both French and Dutch, along with behind-the-scenes photos and video snippets. These media elements effectively conveyed the essence of ‘The Perfect Pair’ campaign, resonating with single parents across the region.


To further amplify the message, an influencer campaign was implemented. We extended the campaign’s reach, ensuring it reached an even broader audience with a carefully selected group of influencers. These influencers served as advocates, endorsing ‘The Perfect Pair’ campaign and its empowering message.


On ‘Single Parents Day’, Bristol went a step further in its commitment. Alongside the campaign, Bristol offered a special promotion: free children’s shoes with adult purchases. This gesture of practical assistance combined with community-building aimed to underscore Bristol’s role as an ally in single parents’ pursuit of happiness.

The results

  • 1000+ answers on the survey about single parents.
  • Views video: 222k
  • Reach social posts, BE: 293.977
  • We had a total of 13 influencers that joined the campaign. We generated a total reach of 23K and 52 publications on social media.
  • Bristol also gave away 200 pair of children shoes on Single Parents Day.
Bristol - The Perfect Pair
Bristol - The Perfect Pair
Bristol - The Perfect Pair
Bristel - The Perfect pair