This is how we do it: our way of working

1. Intake session

A chat between you and us, to get to know each other, to define your needs and how we can be of help for you and your brand. Always step by step, carefully listening to your story.


Why do you want people to catch your story?

  • This is where we identify your communication goal.


Who are you & who is your audience?

  • This where we define who you’re trying to reach.


How does your audience consume content?

  • This is where we define the communication channels of your audience.

2. Expert session

Time to create our plan of attack! Using the exact right tools, guided by our expertise and our team of dedicated PR & content warriors.

Crack the code

Let’s sit down together and unravel the secret of influential communication:

Team up

We will be your brand’s ambassador, your fan, your coach and your drill master, all-in-one.
And since we’re in it for the ride, we’ll make sure to get you the exact right crafts(wo)man for the job.

From subtle strategic sniper to charming creative content queen, we’ve got the in house talent to wow your audience with a message that matters.

The right crafted message

We’ll design a carefully constructed story, matching your brand’s communication needs and goals.

At the precise moment

Needless to say that timing is everything. We’re launching your message at a calculated moment where it can make the most impact, ensuring it will stick.

For a specific channel

We are strong believers of the right message for every channel. No copy-pasting here, but an winning combo of relevant, clever and channel-tailored content.

With a personal tone of voice

Forget about boring Lorem Ipsum lingo, because we want your message to have your DNA written all over it. It’s all in the details, so we’ll work on it until we’ve got it just right.

3. Let’s influence

Word of mouth is what we’re at, because it’s incredibly powerful and it will make your brand buzz big time. Over the years, we built up a fine network of trusted sources to ensure your message is picked up out there.

Our earned Media

We’re proud of our carefully constructed inspirational bubble: the crème de la crème of media and influencers, who are giving our great content the stage it deserves. Sharing is caring!

  • Belgium’s finest trusted sources in media: our direct hotline with journalists, magazines, stylists and other creatives.
  • Belgium’s most followed and loved influencers: a beautiful portfolio of potential ambassadors for your brand, hand-picked with love.

Our owned Media

With our content marketing expertise, we can turn your owned media into trusted sources. Because we create content that matters.

  • Platform: we use your own platform for content that appeals to you and your audience, getting to them right where it resonates and moreover: where it’s most likely to stick.
  • Social network: we connect through your social network, using your own media with kick-ass content.
  • Community management: we can truly interact with your audience, start a conversation and make sure your message gets out there, engaging the right people. Now that’s what we call a true firestarter!


Let’s talk business

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