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At MMSBY we are quite obsessed with relevance. That’s why we need to ask you some very important questions. The insights we gain help us to crack the code for performant communication.

This is how we do it.


Intake session

A well-prepared conversation to get to know each other, to define your needs and how we can be of help for you and your brand. Always step by step, carefully listening to your story.


Here we define your ultimate communication goal. What are your objectives and how does the message helps you reach your goals.


Who is your audience, what makes them tick, what are their needs and aspirations? It is so very crucial we empathize with whom you want to reach.


This is where the magic begins… Influential content is all about the right crafted message, at the precise moment, on the specific channel of choice in the perfect personal tone of voice.


Expert session

Time to create our plan of attack! Using the exact right tools, guided by our expertise and our team of dedicated PR & content warriors. Let’s sit down together and unravel the secret of influential communication.

The right crafted message

We’ll design a carefully constructed story, matching your brand’s communication needs and goals.

At the precise moment, for a specific channel

Needless to say, that timing is everything. We’re launching your message at a calculated moment where it can make the most impact, ensuring it will stick. We are strong believers of the right message for every channel. No copy-pasting here, but a winning combo of relevant, clever and channel-tailored content.

With a personal tone of voice

Forget about boring Lorem Ipsum lingo, because we want your message to have your DNA written all over it. It’s all in the details, so we’ll work on it until we’ve got it just right.

Let’s talk