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7 key reasons to start video marketing

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Social media has become a very fast paced environment, no one has time to read paragraphs of product descriptions and services you have to offer. Chances are you’re gone by…

The perfect PR pitch: up close and personal

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Incoming: there is no such thing as the perfect pitch. Even with the right words in front of you, THE scoop of the day or the most exclusive interview EVER,…

Hygiene, hub, hero – The basic building stones of a strong Content Plan

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At MMBSY we create content plans based on the hygiene-hub-hero-model. This model is a content model first used by Google for YouTube publishers. The leading principles however can be applied…

Why you should invest in Influencer Marketing now

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It’s safe to say that during the last month we’ve all gone through the wringer. COVID-19 has not been easy on any of us. However, the virus has also clearly…

The FW20/21 trends breathe planet earth and a new conscious

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The plastic soup, globally increasing temperatures, forest fires in Australia and to top it off, a pandemic that is afflicting the entire world. Crises like these trigger the realization that…

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