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We believe in magnetic, high quality, performant content. Because good content counts. Whether it’s a blog post, interview, case study, video, social media post, gif or meme. It will tell your brand story organically, making it a long-lasting and credible one.

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We are storytellers & crafts(wo)men

We have 20 years of expertise in creating content for Belgium’s finest lovebrands: Libelle, Libelle Lekker, Libelle Mama, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Délices de Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Flair, Feeling and Glam*it. Powerful brands with a loyal fan base.

“You name it, we have the right talents in house.”

It’s safe to say that we know how to connect. To get the message through. To engage, to follow and to approach target groups. We’re proud to be able to work with the best talents in lifestyle storytelling, in writing, photographing, video reporting, fashion & food styling.



Emma Sleep event

Freedom Moses – Launching KUSH

For the very first time, trendy slipper brand Freedom Moses designed a winter slipper – KUSH - to also equip its customers with the same effortless cool vibes in colder times. But how do we show the Belgian and Dutch press in an engaging manner that Freedom Moses is not just a summer brand? In comes MMBSY! 

Lierac – Campaign Lift Integral & probiotic cleansers

French dermo-cosmetic brand Lierac, renowned for its focus on skin well-being, underwent a transformative journey recently. With the launch of the Lift Integral line, an innovative collection of anti-aging products designed for lasting effectiveness and an immersive sensory experience, along with a reimagined range of probiotic cleansers, Lierac had unveiled exceptional offerings.

JUTTU – Employer branding

Belgian retailer Juttu is not just a store, it’s a concept store filled with authentic stories.
Veritas STOX

Veritas – Love your Legs

Belgian retailer Veritas, an expert in legwear with a heart for its customers, came to MMBSY with a clear challenge: 'How can we encourage as many Belgians as possible to take more care of their legs?'

Bristol – Het Perfecte Paar

On March 21st, Bristol took a significant step towards celebrating 'Single Parents Day', reinforcing its commitment as a partner for families of all kinds, including one-parent households. With this campaign, Bristol seeks to not only be a beloved brand but also an anti-hero with whom families, of all compositions, can resonate. The target audience? Families in Belgium and the Netherlands, united by the shared experiences of parenthood. Bristol approached us with a mission: to redefine its identity, illuminate the significance of Single Parents Day, and establish authentic connections with its audience. This campaign is dedicated to embracing inclusivity and providing support to all families.

Acerta – Ik Wil Starten

In 2021, we witnessed a growth in new businesses, a trend that continues today. Partnering with Acerta, we launched the "Ik wil Starten" campaign to overcome the uncertainties and challenges of starting a business, from planning to legal obligations. At the same time we wanted people to see Acerta as the innovator it is, how they help simplify the entire process and support their clients. 

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