Public Relations

Lifestyle PR

MMBSY makes your brand stand out, getting it straight to the right journalists, stylists and influencers. Our database is a true PR goldmine, full of all the names that matter.

We’re shooting out targeted & tailored tactics, teasing each journalist, stylist or blogger with surprising insights, shopping inspiration and lifestyle visions.

See, we’ve been there and done that, so we know what floats their brand boat.

Corporate PR

At MMBSY, we speak business.

Oh yes, it’s all fun and play in the content playground of the lifestyle area, but you can be sure we’re as much right-brainers as lefties. So we understand business talk just as well. Moreover, we use our crafty expertise to build your message and reinforce your reputation until it’s just right, before we release it into the world.

And when we finally do, we make sure your corporate message finds its way to a thoughtfully selected network of stakeholders.

Event PR

Like a true coach, MMBSY gets your product ready for the big day, a thrilling and perfectly organized press and influencer event. Whether it’s a product launch, press day, press escape, brand activation, store opening, press trip or press conference: you name it, we create it.

Loud & proud if that’s what you’re looking for, or more discreet if that’s a better fit, but always with a great eye for detail.

In front of the right audience, with the right dose of bling, bubbles and smartly orchestrated content. Just to make sure your event will have a strong return, even days afterwards. A bit like that after-party buzz, when you smile at finding some glitter in your carpet (but minus the hangover).

Showroom & online press room

We’re proud of our stunning showroom, a cool industrial space of more than 500 m2 located in PAKT, Antwerp’s buzzing creative hotspot and a true meeting point for stylists, journalists and influencers.
This is where your brand can truly shine, showing itself to an eager audience.

Our online press room is a digital platform where journalists, stylists and influencers can easily mix ’n match from our carefully selected images, videos and newsletters. Vital, invigorating and very much on point.

Reporting: let’s do the math

Getting your brand out there with out-of-the-box-thinking is one thing. But knowing how it’s doing exactly is another one. That’s why we’re pretty big on getting those numbers straight.

And those numbers sure do talk.

We measure, we know and we report, so you get a clear view on your ROI. By listing and showing you the media coverage and social influencer campaigns with all the metrics.

Sure, we like good strategies, but we love clear content creation KPI’s that steer resources even more.

Enough said, showtime!

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