Bold Dates

The challenge

Bulldog Gin faced the challenge of improving their brand awareness and reinforcing its bold image online. To tackle this, the brand aimed to boost visibility through targeted media channels, highlighting their premium quality and modern interpretation of London Dry Gin along the way. Our second goal was to bring the world of fashion and music together through strong storytelling that resonates with our creative target audience. Bulldog needed a strategy. Our concept had to evolve around bold beginners, music and fashion, aligning Bulldog Gin with influential cultural trends. We recognized the need for a strong, creative content and influencer campaign that would amplify Bulldogs premium presence and stimulate boldness in young creatives. Ensuring a lasting impact in the competitive spirits market.  

The work

In an endless sea of social media content, our goal to inspire our target audience led us to the world of podcast storytelling. Creating a podcast became a strategic way to boost brand awareness but also to collaborate with influential artists to inspire bold beginners. Our ‘Bold Dates’ idea brought fashion and music artists together for meaningful conversations about their bold beginnings and future dreams, aligning Bulldog Gin with cultural trends in music and fashion. To add an element of surprise and spontaneity, we made sure that the people did not know who their bold date was. Meeting for the very first time in our Bulldog studio.  

Finding the right profiles was crucial for this campaign to work. Matching personalities to create a good flow presented a challenge, but we successfully curated a group of eight highly influential and premium creatives: Emma Bale, Sieme Hermans, The Magician, Jon Tyler, Raia Maria Laura, Jordy Arthur Vaesen, Grey, Kanessa, and Carl Knight. 

To make the campaign complete, we’ve created a new branding that we also implemented in our Bulldog Studio, the place for our podcast recordings. Each episode started with a Gin Tonic challenge, offering a creative way of incorporating the client into the conversation. To ensure that we would have enough content to spread on various social media channels, we used a smart production approach to get as much content as possible. The result: four complete podcast episodes (audio and video), 17 social media video snippets and 25 photos. Enough for at least four months of campaign.  

Carl en Kanessa voor podcast Bulldog Bold Dates

The results

Reinforcing brand image while incorporating Bulldog’s key messages in creative storytelling. That’s a bold move if you ask us. In a short period, we were able to create authentic, local content with great in-dept content that resonates with our target audience. We even had other artists lining up for our second season. Bold Dates part two? Who knows. The results were everything we hoped for as well.  

  • Estimated reach: 577.910 
  • Video views: 19.740 
  • EMV: €62.290