Sustainability and digital gadgets go hand in hand at JBC’s revamped concept store in Leuven

The challenge

Belgian retailer JBC festively opened their renewed branch in Leuven. The pilot project is all about sustainability and family experience. With various digital gadgets such as do-it-yourself recycling machines, a ‘magic mirror’ and interactive screens, JBC wants to teach families in a fun way about more sustainable fashion. A large part of the brand’s new concept store is also made of recycled materials. With this concept the family oriented business also aims at a more conscious use of clothing via their ‘Studio Unique’ corner, where the customers are given the opportunity to customise their clothes by adding a personal message or a cool patch, which ultimately makes the items last longer.

JBC Revamp
JBC opening leuven

The work

JBC asked us to take care of the invitations of the press, the press release and the interviews.

We handled press invitation management, wrote the press release, and set up the interviews with the CEOs and JBC’s CSR manager. Of course with a focus on corporate and sustainable media. Additionally, we’ve supervised the interviews and the opening of the concept store on site. As the icing on the cake, we’ve tracked the PR clippings and did follow-up interviews afterwards.

The results

We arranged 7 interviews with CEOs Ann and Bart Claes on the spot, as well as with JBC’s CSR manager Valerie Geluykens.

In total, we’ve obtained 12 press clippings, in different corporate and lifestyle media such as Kanaal Z, Fashion United, Retail Detail, Het Laatste Nieuws, MO Magazine, etc.

In total, we obtained:

  • 3 print clippings
  • 7 online clippings
  • Reach: 5.969.220
  • PR value: € 270.109,25

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