Line extensions campaign

The challenge

Belgium based brand Niamh, specialized in unique and premium baking mixes, decided to team up again with MMBSY for the launch of their four line extensions and we were beyond excited! By unleashing our PR and influencer marketing magic, we developed a launch campaign that created a wave of love for the brand.

The work

After successfully launching bread mixes, world bread mixes and dessert baking mixes, Niamh recently launched a line extension of two new bread mixes (Malty Whole Grain and Chocolate Delight) and two new world bread mixes (Bagels and Frobrod). To put the spotlight once more on these delicious and versatile baking mixes, MMBSY created two top topical PR waves with product seeding towards relevant press and accompanying influencer campaigns. And boy, did we create a whole lot of buzz and brand love! The campaigns were well received by all relevant press, resulting in a ton of clippings and great engagement on Instagram, sharing the love for delicious baking! A tasty and successful EOY for Niamh!

The results

  • Total PR reach: 7.406.687
  • Total PR value: € 135.223
  • Number of publications: 22
  • Number of influencers: 3
  • Total reach influencers: 173,59K
  • Total number of posts: 25
  • Total followers: 158.86K
  • Total engagement: 1903

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