CKS Collab with Julie Vermeire

The challenge

Belgian fashion brand CKS, best known for its original designs and bright colors, introduced four Belgian faces to collaborate with for its 2021-2022 collections. Bright TV personality Julie Vermeire was one of them. The real challenge here? Connecting with the brand’s new target audience for this collab: teens. This demographic had not yet been a part of CKS’s approach yet, and had to be targeted for the first time, in a creative way.

The target

To create awareness and buzz around Belgian brand CKS and the collab with Julie Vermeire, we wanted to strengthen the connection between her, the brand and journalists & influencers, making the collection top of mind, especially with our new, younger audience. We aimed for a lot of engagement on the topic and for Julie’s collection to be the talk of the town.   

The work

To successfully launch the pieces and connect with this new, younger audience for CKS, we chose to focus on strong public relations and event management. In concrete terms, this meant two press releases, an exclusive online e-pero with Julie for key journalists, a pre-sale event for the target group (teens and their parents) and an in-store event. All these actions were spread accross a period of 6 months. 

Known for her eternal optimism, Julie’s positivity needed to shine through the entire campaign. We emphasized the upbeat mood of the Soulshine collection by sharing colorful campaign images and quotes by Julie. With the bubbly, joyful tone of voice we used, we stayed true to CKS as a brand and Julie Vermeire’s cheerful image. 

The results

Many media outlets covered the news of the Soulshine collection, such as Flair, Billie, Het Laatste Nieuws, Citta, Story, Flair, Gazet van Antwerpen and many more. We can conclude that, just like Ms. Vermeire herself, the results are bright and positive. 

The figures

    • Total reach: 228.049.788 
    • Total PR value: €1.532.787 
    • Number of publications: 57 
    • Number of seeded press and influencers: 71 

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