Love your Legs

The challenge

Belgian retailer Veritas, an expert in legwear with a heart for its customers, came to MMBSY with a clear challenge: ‘How can we encourage as many Belgians as possible to take more care of their legs?’ With a brand-new range of compression stockings, Veritas wanted to show that compression stockings are not just for the elderly, but that everyone should wear them preventively for healthier legs. Veritas is dedicated to dismantling the stigma that surrounds this subject, highlighting the inseparable connection between healthier legs and overall physical and mental well-being for individuals of all ages across Belgium. 

The work

To set up a major awareness campaign drawing attention to the theme of personal health, care and compression stockings, MMBSY advised a 360° campaign, in which PR, content and influencer marketing each play an important role. Veritas introduced the concept ‘Love your Legs’, around which MMBSY wrote a press and influencer event to bring the campaign to life. We established initial contacts with ambassadors Nina Derwael, OIympic gymnastics champion, Alexander Hendrickx, Olympic hockey champion, and professor doctor Steven Laureys and incorporated their personals and expert input and our thorough research into the key messaging, press release, invitations and the event.  

We invited national news, sports and lifestyle press and influencers to the kick-off event, where dr. Professor Steven Laureys gave a lecture on physical and mental health, where Alexander Hendrickx gave a hockey initiation and guests could follow a training by Nina Derwael. Inspiring, educational, and shareable? Check, check, check. At the event, the Love your Legs charter, a charter with nine statements on taking better care of the legs, was revealed, and signed by all attendees. After the event, we sent out a scientifically backed press release and followed this up intensively with national press. 

To reinforce the campaign on a content level as well, we made an inspiring campaign video with the compression ambassadors, as well as an educational video with dr. Steven Laureys. Through captivating visuals and an engaging voice-over, we illustrated how compression socks can serve as the ideal personal assistant, supporting in all aspects of life, from training to recovery. We guided this video production from start to end: writing the script and voice-over, assembling the production team, overseeing the video shoot, managing post-production and feedback rounds and delivering the final versions of two videos in multiple languages and formats. These videos were deployed by Veritas on social media and in retail outlets.  

The results

Compression stockings for old people? MMBSY and Veritas were able to prove to the masses that this is not the case. After a successful event with media attendees such as VTM Nieuws, Sporza, Het Laatste Nieuws, La Dernière Heure and more, it took less than 24 hours for Belgian media to report on the positive impact of compression stockings. A passage on national radio was followed by a feature in the evening news and several articles in various media outlets with a wide audience – from national sports media like Sporza, over lifestyle media like Flair, to health medium The campaign also stirred a buzz on socials, thanks to the influencers present at the event and, of course, our campaign videos.  Veritas stimulated a profound connection with embracing and nurturing your legs, dispelling the stigma surrounding compression stockings. Within Veritas, a novel product category stands poised to empower and uplift Belgian legs like never before. 

    • Total publications: 66 (14 in print, 16 online, 4 RTV, 32 on social media) 
    • Total reach: 37.638.065 (6.350.872 opportunities to see in print, 28.882.380 online, 2.318.963 through RTV and 85.850 on social media) 
    • Total value: €706.811 (€229.258 in print, €431.895 online, €43.198 RTV and  €2.460 social media)