We care by taking care

The challenge

Care & Repair is an initiative launched by A.S.Adventure in 2022, which involves getting people to bring in worn-out and pre-loved outdoor gear in order to lengthen its lifespan. By repairing, sharing, and recycling gear, A.S.Adventure wants to commit to a new retail model, contributing to leaving behind a better planet.

The work

MMBSY’s mission? Getting the word out on the shoe repair program, and create a steady stream of repairs.  All while showing that the brand focusses on the quality and lifelong endurance of its products. Although A.S.Adventure’s request was pretty straightforward, we decided on a less commercial approach to get people excited about its new service. We said ‘no’ to a show and tell and chose not to focus on the repair service in itself. We did tell a larger authentic story by taking viewers into A.S.Adventure’s repair center where they were introduced to the faces behind the service: Nancy and Sonia. Showing that here is more to your outdoor gear than what meets the eye.

The two 60-seconds anthem films focus on Nancy’s and Sonia’s personal story, explaining where their passion for repairing items comes from and why this jobs is so important to them. The idea of mixing their personal stories with the repair process was also visually translated by switching between images from their personal and professional lives. And although both their stories are vastly different, the result was the same: an emotional storyline which creates a personal bond with the shoe repair service. Leaving our audience with a simple message: No matter how small  your actions, together they add up to something much, much bigger.

The campaign was extended into shorter cuts of the two films and a social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook which included in-feed adverts on both channels. All of this was brought together with the simple and evocative tagline: Care for your gear. But how do you inspire people to do so?

After successfully launching the shoe repair service, A.S.Adventure and MMBSY teamed up once again to extend the campaign. Whereas in the first campaign wave we let the employees do the talking, this time around we chose professional athletes and seasoned adventurers, who equate the damage on their hiking boots with the memories they gather on their adventures. It gave us the opportunity to inspire others in a way that was both very meaningful and on-brand.

A main focus for the campaign was to ensure that the brand was promoted organically through the voices of influencers who were already fans of the outdoor retailer and who are true adventures at heart with an interesting and emotional story to tell that would inspire the outdoor community.

We researched influencers from a range of disciplines and selected three influential individuals for their established online audiences and content focused around a breadth of outdoor activities. One was an ultra-walker, another the voice behind a hiking blog and podcast, plus a nature photographer.

Worn out or not, these adventurers wear their hiking boots as badges of honor. We took this insight as a hook for our video campaign. Showing that you don’t need to say goodbye to your favorite pair of hiking friends by taking advantage of A.S.Adventure’s shoe repair. After all, good gears accompanies you through all the ups and downs on your adventures.

We went on to create high quality, engaging video content. In each film, we explored the influencer’s personal and emotional connection to nature and their gear, and we looked for stories that resonated with our audience.  MMBSY wanted to demonstrate that A.S.Adventure, as a brand, is fully invested in people, their adventures, and how nature is a vital part of those experiences. And we did just that, authentically.

Furthermore, we grabbed the viewers’ attention by showing the influencers in their natural habitat and by visually showing their relationship with nature. Which made the audience feel very much in the moment.

The results

    • We had a total of 3 influencers that joined the campaign.
    • We generated a total reach of 44.76K and 18 publications. 
    • We generated a total engagement rate of 1,39% on Instagram (= all comments, likes and actions on the publications).
    • EMV (earned media value) of 2.05K