The Ordinary

The O. Lab

The challenge

In June 2016, The Ordinary began its mission – to bring sensibly-priced, quality skin care to all. Born out of frustration with an industry that lacked clarity, The Ordinary set out to lead a transparent, and disruptive narrative through pricing, ingredients, and efficacy. Now in its 6th year, its mission remains the same: To make quality beauty products readily accessible, challenging “established” norms that do not advance or better the beauty industry. 

Quality ingredients should no longer be defined by price point, and accessibility shouldn’t be limited by location. Brands and consumers alike have become wise to the necessity of providing skin care for everybody. The Ordinary believes that quality is defined by authenticity, functionality, innovation, and sensible prices – to every demographic. Its continued mission is to probe, discover, communicate and work to dismantle industry barriers that hinder universal access to quality beauty products.

The target

It was MMBSY’s challenge to create and increase awareness for this mission and guide the launch of The O. Lab, The Ordinary’s online flag for the launch of new formulations, information database en digital community.

The work

We set up multi-dimensional campaign that ran for 6 months:

  • Press release announcing The O. Lab
  • Six new formulations launching in six months under The O. Lab
  • Six informative press releases 
  • An online press event
  • Influencer and press seedings
  • Paid influencer campaigns for the three most important launches
  • Skincare School Event with CEO Nicola Kilner & Science Communications Manager Rita Silva

The results

  • Over 100 PR-clippings in The Netherlands from December until May (and counting)
  • Six dedicated paid ambassadors that match the brand’s values
  • Five interviews with Nicola Kilner in The Nederlands and four in Belgium
  • Four interviews with Sciences Communications Manager Rita Silva in The Netherlands two in Belgium
  • Over 100 event-related posts from influencer session (and counting)
The Ordinary - The O. Lab
The Ordinary - The O. Lab
The Ordinary - The O. Lab
The Ordinary - The O. Lab