Embrace Age

The challenge

This year’s International Women’s Day was themed ‘Embrace Equity’, a statement that calls for the implementation of measures to ensure equality in all aspects of women’s lives. It means recognizing the systematic barriers that women face and working to dismantle them.  

Belgian fashion brand Mayerline understands the value of empowering women through fashion. For over 60 years, Mayerline has been designing sophisticated and elegant clothing for women that reflects their unique personalities and empowers them to feel confident and beautiful.  

The target

This International Women’s Day, Mayerline wanted to offer a voice to women over 50 to talk about equality and how they are daily dealing with the double bias of being a woman and being ‘of age’But more importantly, their mission was to encourage women to proudly embrace their age by highlighting the empowerment that comes with becoming a year older. 

The work

To quickly establish significant interaction with the target audience, the most effective approach was to generate social media buzz through the creation of engaging Instagram posts and stories that encourage women to share and engage with the brand. 

In collaboration with Mayerline, we put five inspiring women of age in the spotlight with a brand-new content campaign titled ‘Embrace Age’. We organized and coordinated a cheerful and fun photoshoot that allowed the women to feel beautiful, empowered and appreciated. The images we shot were used on both Mayerline’s and the women’s social media pages, and on the official Mayerline website in an ‘Embrace Age’ hub.

In addition, we engaged in a conversation with the women to gather their perspectives on aging and talk about their insights on how our society treats women as they get older. These conversations were transformed into insightful interviews, which were used on the Mayerline website and for press inquiries.  

The key message 

Breaking the stigma in fashion and changing the conversation on women above 50 by embracing age.  

The results

We started the conversation about the age stereotypes in fashion with social media posts on the official Mayerline accounts, as well as on the accounts of the women that participated in our campaign, and we provided quality content for Mayerline’s website.

The figures

    • Total reach: 12.80K