Duval Union

Webinar ‘Let’s talk about Growth’

The Challenge

What to do when you want to claim thought leadership through showcasing the expertise of all its members and Covid-19 strikes? No social gatherings anymore, no face-to-face meetings, no personal contact… This was the main challenge for Duval Union. So, thank the Lord for technology and the new phenomena called: webinars. But how to get your audience on board? And how to make ultimate use of your recorded online seminar?

How to webinar
Amplifying Business Shapers

The Work

Awareness for the webinar was mainly created on LinkedIn & mail by Duval Union itself and its partners. Due to the strong network approach, the webinar quickly reached the right audience. Besides the social channels, email marketing was a big plus in the awareness and consideration phase which resulted in a high click-through-rate (9%). Before the event, announcements of the webinar were sent to the mailing list of Duval Union. Once the registration made, an automated workflow email was sent with a ‘thank you’ message, the time schedule and the link for attending.

At the webinar we’ve managed to celebrate the knowledge within Duval Union with 13 speakers who all gave a deep dive in a topic they master to perfection. After the event, the attendees received a recap of the webinar by email. This leads to a high download rate on the specific page. We celebrated the afterlife of the webinar with follow-up social content based on the content of the webinar itself, promoted download links and personal Thank-Yous!

The Numbers

  • 1 day
  • 13 speakers – of which MMBSY
  • 11 topics
  • 495 minutes of insights
  • +200 attendees – 54% attendance rate
  • + 30 leads