Employer branding

The Challenge

Belgian retailer Juttu is not just a store, it’s a concept store filled with authentic stories. Juttu is an atypical way of living, with eyes and ears open for the untold. This mindset is typical for their employees, who live out those stories every single day.

From buyers to store managers: they are the Juttu DNA. Who better than them to tell the brand story of Juttu?

So when Juttu wanted to tell their story via online video, MMBSY decided to capture the “one size doesn’t fit all” company culture in a heartwarming employer branding campaign.

The Work

At Juttu, everyone’s opinion matters. So our content team has come up with a video series that follows five Juttu employees from all over the company on the job. We’ve invited each of them to tell their own authentic story, to share their passions and triumphs. It shows a clear picture of the company culture: Juttu sees the team as one, but they respect everyone’s individual needs and opinion.

The company’s values and style weren’t only translated by their employees, but were equally portrayed in the video editing, fonts, colours and music. The combination of the storytelling and the strong visual branding is the perfect way to convey Juttu’s company culture to potential talent.

The Results

And that’s a wrap! We’ve created five employee videos, one master hero movie and six social edits.