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Trend report: tomorrow’s trends in food & drinks

By 26/10/2022February 20th, 2023No Comments2 min read

Millennials and Gen Z have a new outlook on life and consumption: sustainable, healthy and local products are winning the race, and alternative options like vegan, plant-based and alcohol-free are in high demand. Let’s dive into the current and upcoming trends in the food and beverage industry in relation to this day and age’s ‘new’ consumer. Bon appétit! 


When it comes to food and drinks, consumers are raising the bar. Millennials and Gen Z choose food based on the effects it has on their health, and opt for less meat and a plant-based diet. Moreover, research shows that half of Gen Z (49%) is ashamed to order cow’s milk in public, as this generation’s looking to make more sustainable food choices based on what they read on social media.

These generations also share actively themselves, inspiring others: 86% of millennials will try a new restaurant after seeing food-related content online. The concept of foodstagramming remains so popular, since food is a universal language, and sharing it, albeit virtually, helps us bond with each other. 

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