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Clubhouse is booming: A 2-step beginner’s guide from A to Z

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In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new kid on the block: Clubhouse. No, it’s not a hot new nightclub. In fact, it’s the fastest growing app of the century. Everyone is desperate to be invited to this exclusive audio-only social media platform packed with thought-provoking conversations. Let’s just say that like an actual nightclub, it’s very VIP. Because without a golden ticket, you’re not getting in. Well, except if your name is Oprah or Elon Musk. So, what’s all the fuss about it? 

A club that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home and with good conversation? Sign us up! The highly-exclusive members-only app is a sweet combination between a podcast and a conference. No visuals, just the sound of inspirational speakers. We can hear you thinking: That’s exactly what a podcast is. Not quite. When it comes to Clubhouse, the talks are live. Basically it’s about connecting people through audio. Once you’re in, you can eavesdrop on, or join in on conversations that are happening in different rooms, even better you can start your own. And with topics ranging from beauty to tech, the possibilities are endless. Even better than a podcast, it’s interactive. The fun part is: You can ask your questions in real-time and contribute to the conversation. The only rule? You’re not allowed to record anything.


“Clubhouse is coming”

But, there is a catch… or maybe two: The app is only compatible on iPhone. *Urg*, we know. But good news, they are already working on an Android version. So Android users: Winter is coming, wait no, Clubhouse is coming! 


The second catch is that Clubhouse only works with invitations. So, you’ll have to be patient until one of your friends invites you, meanwhile you’ll be virtually waitlisted.

Okay, so let’s start with signing up:

If you manage to obtain a Clubhouse invitation, get ready to rock ‘n roll. While signing up, you can add all your personal information. Just like any other social media platform. The algorithm corresponds with both your contacts and who you choose to follow — so, depending on your interest and friends, you’ll see chat rooms hosting talks on film, sports, tech, beauty and many more. While signing up you can also  give up your interests, that way Clubhouse can search for people/rooms/clubs for you to follow. 

Once you’re in, you can start exploring. If you have already clicked on some topics, Clubhouse will suggest interesting rooms that are live at that exact moment. If you want, you can join in, or you can explore the app at your own pace. On your front page you can see a calendar where Clubhouse has listed all the talks from the rooms you follow that are going live that day. Below the calendar are the rooms that are live at that specific moment.

Club House
Club House

Now it’s time to have some fun! Ready to join a room? When joining in, you’ll be automatically muted throughout the conversation. Easy fix: You can go and unmute yourself or raise your hand virtually if you have a question. The host can then allow you to speak by “calling you on stage”. Remember what we said? It’s interactive, so no messages, you actually have to speak. It’s your time to shine. What a great network opportunity. 


If the topic is not your cup of tea or the conversation is getting too heated, you can leave the room quietly by simply clicking on the peace sign. Even better: No one will know you left the room.

How can you use Clubhouse to grow your brand?


You have the possibility to directly connect with your customer-base and with like-minded people. It’s a way to provide value and to claim thought-leadership. Pretty great, right? 


  • First of all, the main goal of the app is to get inspired. Join in on different rooms and get more information about interesting topics.


  • Second: Create visibility by raising your hand during a talk and chime in on the conversation. The cool thing is that by raising your hand, you can actually talk to someone who is hard to reach in real life (think about big names such as Oprah Winfrey, Chris Do,…)


  • And now… do you want to get to the next level? Create your own room with inspiring talks and become a host! It’s the best way to get your brand/word out there!


Here is a tip: If you join a room about influencer marketing, you can always raise your hand and ask a question. Make sure to first tackle the situation. Say you work at business X and give a little pitch about your company, what you stand for,…. Then, all the listeners in the room will know what you are about  and then you can go on to ask the question. A subtle way to create some much needed visibility. 


So… we get the fuss about Clubhouse and have already jumped on the bandwagon. It’s basically an intellectual house party where you can connect with awesome people. Aah house parties, remember those? 

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