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7 social distancing trends on social media

By 07/04/2020January 19th, 2023No Comments7 min read

What seemed unrealistic and not even in reaching distance several weeks ago, has unfortunately become our daily  reality: the Corona virus has infected many countries over the world in a matter of weeks, shaking the world as we know it to its core. How can social media come to the rescue?

One of the biggest measures taken to control this virus is social distancing – keeping us apart from our families and friends. Thanks to the digital age we live in, there are many tools to help us stay in touch with our loved ones, without actually having to go outside. People have become very creative in recreating the feeling of togetherness. New concepts like the e-peritif with friends while drinking a “Quarantini” are launched, and Facetime and WhatsApp gain an important roll in these ‘lockdown’ days.

Every crisis has its positive effects and so does COVID-19. We made a list of the 7 social media trends we noticed, bringing us closer together, while keeping our distance… But when social distancing in real life takes its toll, the world of social media expands and makes sure we don’t lose touch.

We spotted 7 trends on social media during the crisis:

1. Instagram Stories are now more common than ever

Since Instagram launched Stories in 2017, an option where you can upload a photo or video that only exists for 24 hours, it became an essential part of the photo- and video sharing app. The storytelling and ‘behind the scenes’-fun became more important. People want to stay in touch with other people’s activities and lives, especially when we all share the same difficulties. From activity tips, to challenges or even sharing throwback vacation pictures – everyone is pitching in to keep themselves and other inspired and busy.

2. Challenges and quizzes to re-connect
Now that we are forced to stay inside and can’t visit anyone, loneliness lures around the corner. In order to minimize this social ‘emptiness’, challenges are created to stay connected. Posting a childhood photo, filling out a funny quiz-template or doing a crazy work-out and creating a virtual loop by challenging others to do the same by tagging them.

3. TikTok takes a big lead in profile growths

With all that spare time on our hands, we’re embracing new social apps and trends more than ever. One of them is the music/video app TikTok. The app knows a significant increase of users, mostly because of that spare time, but also because of the different ways you can use the app. Is it to follow the challenges-hype, to make a funny video where you are pranking your housemates, or to become the next Beyoncé? Everything is possible on TikTok ????.

4. Live video for close interaction with your audience

One of the closest communication tools you can use to explain, teach or present to your audience, are live videos. Instagram and Facebook see a serious increase of live webinars, online lessons, but also workouts and talks. Live videos are not only useful to connect with your audience, it also gives us the feeling that we’re not that far away from each other as we really are. Apps such as Houseparty and Skype are perfect to e-peritif with your family and friends, and catch up like you normally would.

5. Workout and sports videos connect us

Because of the lockdown, it’s not possible to go to the gym and exercise your regular workouts. That’s why it’s very important to stay active and healthy at home. Home workouts have become a major thing on social media. More and more gyms and influencers are filming their workout routines and “What I Eat In A Day”-videos are flooding the internet. Challenges are yet again, a major success in this department, challenging people to show everyone what they are doing at home to keep exercising. Therefore, IGTV and YouTube are two channels that have been used a lot in sharing tips and tricks.

6. More interaction on social media

The challenges are so popular because let’s face it, we’ve got nothing better to do and it’s fun! People don’t want to feel left out either, so you can say we’ve all developed kind of a #FOMO-form on social media. Everyone is much more perceptive to interaction nowadays, because it’s the only interaction we are allowed to have, and is not with the people we live with (and might have grown sick of). From going live on Instagram with other people, to organizing talkshow like “Bright Minded” with Miley Cyrus, we’re all just creating new ways to interact with the world.

7. Walking routes and ‘bear hunts’

The most prominent trend we’ve spotted when it comes to mixing social media and real life during the crisis: going outside, taking the same walking paths, but without actually meeting up with anyone. Also a ‘bear hunt’ has been organized in no time, by calling out on social media to display a teddy bear in front of your window, so you and your kids can go bear hunting in real life during your family walks.

We are all trying to stay connected to each other, by meeting online and staying inside. Teaching us that this situation can also be a good time to enjoy the little things in life, like listening to your favorite song, reading that book that’s been on your bookshelf for ages, pausing for a minute whilst enjoying nature’s beauty. Get back to the basics, you know?

Our recommendation? A good mix of taking time to yourself, staying in touch with your loved ones, and occupying ourselves with the newest social media adaptions, but more importantly: staying safe and at home ????.

Written by Helena Vanleeuw – Social Media Manager and Chloé Coen – Junior Content & Social Media Marketeer

We hope that, by reading this article, you are triggered to implement some of these trends in your plan d’attaque. Need some help? We are very willing to assist you! Contact for more information.

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