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Internship – The Life of an MMBSY intern

By 26/03/2019January 19th, 2023No Comments3 min read

An internship at MMBSY makes you feel like a lucky bastard. You will work in one of the most stunning offices and at the coolest location of Antwerp, ‘t PAKT. We asked Kateryna, who successfully finished her 8 weeks internship at MMBSY, 3 questions about her experiences in our team. 

As an intern you are placed like everyone else at a nice desk, there’s not really a difference between interns and the full-time staff. There’s always time for a joke or to celebrate some good news, not boring at all!

What about the intern tasks?

Bringing coffee will not be part of your daily tasks, that I can guarantee you! Your tasks will vary a lot, from running the showroom to writing newsletters, participating at brainstorms, making reports to getting to know the world of influencers and press. It’s definitely not a full-time office job, from time to time you will attend meetings or will organize an event and you will be given the opportunity to be present at the event you have worked on.

Why would you choose for MMBSY?

Because it’s a buzzing agency with a lot of brands, powerful connections that you will have for life and enough place to let your creativity loose. You will have the opportunity to work with every team member, so you’ll learn from everyone. You will get two incredible boss ladies Mie and Myra, who are always open for your questions and behind them you will find a dazzling team. Working at MMBSY will open many doors for your professional career.

What will be your fondest memory?

I was lucky to support an event for one of the international fashion brands of MMBSY.  I was included from the very first idea till the day after the event. I assisted on contacting influencers & press, booking the location, preparing the goodie bags, experiencing the creation of the menu’s, … Another project that I truly loved was Think Pink, were I was given the chance to contribute to their social media strategy with relevant tips about social media.

“Team work makes dreamwork? Working individual is fine but imagine what you can do together!” – Kateryna Vitenko

Do you want to become a MMBSY-intern? Mail your CV and motivation letter to or use the form below. 

Our Squad of Interns at MMBSY

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