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The FW20/21 trends breathe planet earth and a new conscious

By 04/05/2020May 17th, 2024No Comments4 min read

The plastic soup, globally increasing temperatures, forest fires in Australia and to top it off, a pandemic that is afflicting the entire world. Crises like these trigger the realization that we are helping ourselves and the planet into the abyss. This heightened awareness of caring for the planet as zeitgeist, forces us to live slower in a conscious way. See how this is translated in the FW20/21 trends.

Last week’s digital press days by MMBSY were also dedicated to our planet earth, more specifically the 50th anniversary of Earth day. Even half a century ago, a lot of forward-thinking people considered it important to take the care of our planet into account. The earth also takes center stage in the upcoming collections of FW20/21, whether it’s in the form of sustainability or a nostalgic look towards the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It’s also visible in the futuristic vibe, that’s derived from a feeling of escapism into space.

MMBSY provides an overview of the different trends that are coming your way.

Nostalgia rules

The iconic 70’s, 80’s and 90’s trends make their way back into our 2020 wardrobe. With different shades of brown (which are also a nod to the colors of planet earth!), pied-de-poule, corduroy and checks in all variations, we are transported back to a few decades ago. Some things never go out of style!

With very feminine silhouettes several brands like Mayerline and Améline by Mayerline, BRAX, Caroline Biss and Guess give a modern twist to these old-fashioned styles.

In terms of fabrics and cut, puff sleeves make an appearance, as well as a new length for long skirts and dresses between the ankle and knee. Many designs have a leather look, with an emphasis on the word look, since mostly eco-leather is being used.

The sustainable road in FW20/21

We only have one planet, that’s why sustainable living should be the norm, and the fashion world is catching on as well. With brands like O’Neill, BRAX, Lee Cooper and Guess, who are really making an effort with amazing initiatives, we are definitely on the right track.

For example, the new Smart Guess eco collection uses a more responsible production process that is safer for local waterways and workers. For the swimwear brand O’Neill, for whom the ocean plays an important part, their O’Neill Blue collection decreases the impact on the environment by using more sustainable materials.

Time travel to the future

The FW20/21 collections contain a lot of shades of silver, icy blues as well as holographic effects. Multifunctional clothing and high-quality fabrics enhance that futuristic point of view or extraterrestrial vibe. As seen in the collections of La Redoute, Guess, LolaLiza and Caroline Biss, with designs that think ahead.

In times of uncertainty, at least one thing we know for sure: fashion has the power to make a positive change! Are you excited for the FW20/21 trends?

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Written by Rani De Volder – PR Intern

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