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The Open Press Days reinvented: MMBSY presents FW20 Kick-Off Days Exceptional circumstances ask for creative solutions

By 29/04/2020April 8th, 2021No Comments5 min read

For many many years, MMBSY has been organizing the bi-annual Press Days, also known as Open Days. During these two days in April and November, we present the upcoming collections to journalists, stylists, influencers, and clients. The main purpose of the event has always been the kick-off of the season, with the introduction of the new collection and insights in the brand stories. Stylists make their very important selections for their photoshoots and influencers discover which brands match their DNA.

And the beauty of it; as a brand you can claim your spot in this customer journey. You’re right, it is a crowded place out there, but, with the right content, at the right moment, on the right channel, with the right purpose; you can create value for your customer and your prospect. And I assure you, there still are a lot of stories left untold.

So we’re happy to share how we adapted our PR strategy with you:

The creation of a hyper-relevant theme: Conscious Deceleration

Almost the entire world is affected by the Corona virus and is advised to stay inside as much as possible. This situation creates a moment for people to reflect on their lives and slow down. The Future Laboratory terms it “conscious deceleration”: a reaction to the quick-fix mentality and productivity mania that only lead to breakdown and higher-intensity burnout. Conscious deceleration is a countermovement on the fast pace life mentality. This new theme is a very relevant one, whereas all our clients were already transforming their businesses into this new and more sustainable manner.

Virtual Moments: If you can’t come to us, we come to you

Personal connection is a core value of ours. Since we can’t meet with our target audience face-to-face during our Kick-Off Days, we created a digital alternative: a walkthrough tour powered by our PR team. Every PR Manager takes you on a tour through our showroom brands and walk you through the new stories and collections of their clients.

“With these video’s we put our clients in the spotlights in a highly engaging way. Making use of digital alternatives and a more personal approach.”

But that’s not all.  As always we focus on creating relevance and offering tailor-made information to our target audience. Therefore we hosted a Facebook live trend tour to inform press, stylists, and influencers on the biggest FW20 trends of our brands.

MMBSY Virtual Showroom Walk-through

To start our Kick-Off Days we're hosting a Live Trend Tour in our showroom presented by our Showroom Manager Dorothée Marcus, and PR manager, Margo Van Raemdonck. During this Facebook live session, they will guide you through our showroom and highlight all FW20 trends of our fashion brands.

Geplaatst door MMBSY Belgium op Woensdag 29 april 2020

Personal selection moments

The traditional press days are a crucial moment for stylists to select their favorite samples to incorporate in their editorial productions for the upcoming season. Therefore we will schedule one-to-one appointments with all stylists – either physically or virtually – so they can make their FW20 selections.  With safety and social distancing as a priority of course. These personal appointments are also a way to connect on a deeper level with stylists and enhance our personal relationships with them.

Enter the world of MMBSY: a digital magazine

To amplify our clients brand stories, we decided to launch a digital magazine with creative and editorial content. Our goal is to inspire and inform Belgian journalists about the FW brand stories of our clients. The content is centered around the macro trend of ‘conscious deceleration’, with illustrations by a young upcoming artist Flore Deman. Result: a combination of FW20 brand stories, own created articles, and shopping pages based on the overall theme of conscious deceleration.

 “We aim to inspire our target audience in an informative, yet playful way.”

Our magazine will arrive soon – so stay tuned!

Hello influencers, we introduce you our influencer questionnaire.

Not only stylists and journalists belong to our target audience. Influencers have gained a huge importance in the way we raise brand awareness for our clients.  Finding the right influencer for our brands is key for a successful campaign. Therefore we created an influencer questionnaire. The idea is to question them in a fun and interactive way, to obtain more information about their preferences, hobbies and so on. This DNA blueprint will help to complete our database and to set up great collabs with our brands.

This pandemic made us reinvent our press days and ourselves to guarantee the best results for our clients, which is the silver lining. We love creative thinking, encourage out of the box thinking, and enhance creative solutions, because we know that no problem has ever been solved by doing the same thing over & over again. We hope you enjoy our approach and hope to meet soon in real life!

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Written by Myra Nurski – Managing Partner at MMBSY

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