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Are businesses on Instagram taken seriously? – 4 influencers share their experiences

By 12/03/2020January 19th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Is it already day 4 of our International Women’s Week? Time flies when you get inspired! As mentioned in our previous post, social media is a very powerful platform. It offers many advantages, both personally and professionally. Today we’re taking a look on how Instagram affects businesses. Instagram has become a platform with all kinds of tools for business owners to promote their products and services, boost their brands, and even increase their sales.

It’s even possible to build your business from scratch thanks to this photo-sharing social media platform. And that’s exactly what the lady boss influencers we interviewed this week did.

But how do people feel about businesses that are build on and linked to Instagram? Are they taken seriously or do they receive the occasionally frown?

Amylia De Schepper – successful food blogger

“Sometimes they do take it less serious, yes. Reactions such as: “Ah, you’re an influencer, so that’s mainly getting presents, right?” – pass by regularly. People who know me and really follow cookameal know that there’s more to it. And that’s a good thing!”

Amylia De Schepper

Yentl Keuppens – succesful influencer and fashion & lifestyle blogger

“People sometimes don’t know what to expect. That’s understandable. I’d also think it’s just taking pictures of all sorts of things and post them right away. All the people who are in the business, or end up in it, will agree that it’s not as easy as it seems. The great thing about the job is the challenging aspect of it. Continuously innovating and being creative, and trying to stay relevant for your followers is the art of it!”

Pauline Grossen – online content and video creator

“I think a lot of people in general don’t understand that you can turn Instagram into your job. It’s also very difficult to explain to people what I’m doing. I’ve seen Instagram as a fun hobby for years and it was never my intention to make it my business. That’s something that happened because of the positive reactions I received and the community as well. And of course, I am very grateful for that!”

Pauline Grossen

Lotte Feyen – multi-talented creative

“Everything I’ve achieved, I owe to Instagram and everybody who knows me or follows me, knows that. Social media are important to everyone these days, including ordinary businesses. Instagram is no longer just a nice place to post pictures and content, it’s a fully developed business platform, that’s accessible and usable for everyone.”

Overall we can say that hard work pays off and success takes time. The businesses of these lovely ladies (and others) shouldn’t be underestimated. Instagram has turned into a full-blown business that cannot longer be ignored and deserves respect. Take notes everyone!

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