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Does gender matter in influencer business? – 4 influencers share their experiences

By 13/03/2020January 19th, 2023No Comments4 min read

With this 5th article, our Women’s week comes to an end. We got to know these power women a bit better, learning about how they made the most of their influencer businesses, their struggles but also their successes. For our last day of the week, we have one final question: is there a difference between women and men when it comes to doing business and how you are perceived?

Yentl Keuppens – succesful influencer and fashion & lifestyle blogger

“Men and women sometimes have a different target audience, but each influencer is different and unique. I don’t see difference between genders when it comes to being taken seriously. By the way, I really like the male influencers in our country!”

Leonie Laugune

Leonie Lagaune – multitasking mommyblogger & communications manager

“I think that there’s no difference between women and men in the field in which I’m blogging. Whether you write as a mom or a dad, the main focus lies on the kids and about parenthood in general. So I don’t think there’s any difference there. But it could be that in other sectors, like fashion or beauty, a difference does exist between men and women… But I can’t comment on that.”

Pauline Grossen – online content and video creator

“Because the market of female influencers is so saturated, I think it’s much more difficult for women to stand out and work ‘seriously’. There are fewer men in this genre of business, and I think that’s where they have an advantage.”

Pauline Grossen

Lotte Feyen – multi-talented creative

“In my opinion, it isn’t necessarily the gender that makes the difference. It’s more about the content that you offer your followers. You are in complete control of how seriously people take your profile, because of what you post.”

Miette Dierckx – business owner

“Well, there are far fewer men on that market so they have more “job security” when it comes to Instagram. But the influencer world is big enough for the both of us and it’s still valuable, so I believe us girls don’t have anything to worry about.”

In general it supposedly isn’t harder for women to be taken seriously in the influencer world, which is a good thing. It shows that women and men can be equally appreciated for their work. Each influencer is different and gender shouldn’t play a role. In essence it’s about the creative and innovative content you produce as an influencer. If you stand out, people will look up to you and look forward to new posts. And that’s what it’s all about. Establishing a positive relationship with your audience, while also feeling satisfied and happy yourself about what you’re putting out there.

It’s time to wrap up our International Women’s Week. But don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t mean we are ever going to stop celebrating women. We’ll keep on doing that every day of every week, and hopefully you will too!

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