Create impact with corporate PR

The Challenge

For many of us reading an insurance policy feels like reading Latin: hard to understand, a little bit scary and you will definitely end up with a headache. On top of that, it can be crazy expensive., an online platform that compares insurances, feels like that doesn’t have to be the case and wants you to save your pretty pennies. With a growing competitive landscape they asked MMBSY to launch a PR-campaign that would keep their business top-of-mind and reinforce their expert status. Making insurance fun, educational and newsworthy? We’ve got it covered!

The Message House

The Work

We challenged existing habits and beliefs in a light-hearted way by showing our target audience that things can be done differently when it comes to insurance. Together with we made a bold statement by saying that more than half of Belgians could save money on car insurance by comparing offers. Insurance: Love it or hate it, we all like to save money!

How did we back up that claim? We conducted a PR poll, where we questioned 1352 Belgians about their car insurance. By analysing these fact and figures we were able to build a message house and create a newsworthy story. We knew the press couldn’t resist a scoop like that, which shows that research is your campaign’s parachute. Better safe, than sorry: Tell a story that is supported by data.

Then we zoomed in on specific topics that could help people make more informed decisions in the future by pouring them into tongue-in-cheek infographics and informative press releases. We followed up by pitching the story to a relevant press list and promising an exclusive interview with the CEO of By giving him media training with a MMBSY touch, we taught him to think on his feet, turning him into a successful spokesperson. Because words matter, and how they are used matters even more.

The Results

Luckily the successful outcome of this campaign wasn’t an accident, but the result of hard work and dedication. In just one month we obtained 14 press clippings in some of the most read newspapers in Belgium such as Het Nieuwsblad, De Standaard, La Dernière Heure, La Libre, … .

  • 4 generated interviews with CEO
  • Total PR value of € 133.825
  • Opportunities to see = 15.106.790 – Would you like to know how many people that exactly is? Buy 201 kilos of rice, open the packages and sort them grain by grain, next to each other. You see that immense field of uncooked rice before you? THAT many people.

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