A tasty product launch for Keto fans

The challenge

OKONO is a brand new ketogenic food startup, launched by young entrepreneur Luka Bresseel. The keto lifestyle has been booming these last few years. The ketofriendly products of OKONO respond to the growing demand for a healthy lifestyle and the need for keto products on the Belgian market.

The low-carb, vegan, lactose and gluten-free products of OKONO contribute to a balanced diet. Thanks to OKONO, you can continue to enjoy chocolate, bread and granola without feeling guilty. Without sugars, little carbohydrates and full of flavour. And what’s better than snacking without cheating? Snacking deliciously without cheating!


The work

The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness for the new brand. To put OKONO on the map, we created three press releases in Dutch and French, which we sent out to a large selection of lifestyle and corporate press. Two press releases were created to target lifestyle press, one press release was focused on targeting corporate press.  On top of the press releases and one-to-one pitching, 16 key journalists received a delicious OKONO seeding box. Next to press, 14 influencers were also spoiled with the OKONO goodies.

“MMBSY did a great job helping us with the launch of OKONO. We were able to achieve a lot of great publications in newspapers and magazines during the launch phase which really served as a great help. The fast switching and working of MMBSY was definitely a great added value here! Our account manager was always available, acted quickly and was able to think along with us in a solution-oriented way. We are very satisfied with the result and will remain clients”, says Luka Bresseel *blushing*.

The results

In total, we obtained 16 press clippings and 40 influencer publications. This generated a total reach of 7.070.287 and a total PR value of € 129.114.

With our corporate press release we obtained a high-quality clipping in De Tijd, both online and print. Bloovi published an interview with Luka and his father Marc Bresseels (Founding Partner of Duval Union), talking about entrepreneurship. OKONO was also featured  in Made in Antwerp. Our lifestyle press releases got high quality press coverage in print and online media, such as KW Weekend, Nina, CittA, Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Belang van Limburg, Het Nieuwsblad, Feeling.

In total, we obtained 16 press clippings:

  • 4 print clippings
  • 12 online clippings
  • Reach: 6.882.687
  • PR value: € 46.525

In total, we seeded 14 influencers. This resulted in:

  • 40 publications (7 posts + 33 stories)
  • An estimated reach of their posts of 187.600 on a total follower count: 472.910
  • With a total of 2.290 engagements (likes, comments, shares)
  • EMV (earned media value) is €6.710

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