Freedom Moses

Launching KUSH

The challenge

After establishing the position as the must-have summer slipper for the past nine years, Israeli brand Freedom Moses decided it was time to spread the chill movement to other climates and seasons. For the very first time, the brand designed a winter slipper – KUSH – to also equip its customers with the same effortless cool vibes in colder times. But how do we show the Belgian and Dutch press in an engaging manner that Freedom Moses is not just a summer brand? And how do we convey the values of the brand in a fun way? In comes MMBSY! 

The work

For this special occasion, we advised Sarah Gurt, founder and designer of Freedom Moses, to travel from her beloved Tel Aviv to Belgium and host an intimate PR event for the very first time in nine years. We proposed an exclusive brunch on the rooftop of Antwerp’s hotspot PAKT for Belgian and Dutch press, with Sarah Gurt as a special guest. We chose this venue with homemade vegan catering not only because of its cozy and homely atmosphere, but also because Freedom Moses has a heart for nature and is committed to sustainability.  

We recommended hosting the event on the same day as MMBSY’s bi-annual press days. Ideal for Belgian press, who started their day full of agency visits with a delicious breakfast and an introduction to KUSH, before visiting the MMBSY showroom afterwards. The Dutch press traveled down from Amsterdam and was offered an overnight stay at the hip YUST hotel. We invited the top-tier Belgian and Dutch fashion and B2B press and offered an exclusive group of journalists an interview with Sarah Gurt. We wrote a sparkling press release about the new collection, which we sent out widely after the press event. 

The results

After personally sending out save the dates and intensive follow-up, 11 Belgian and Dutch journalists from media such as Feeling, Vogue, Flair, and Fashion United were introduced to KUSH, enjoyed a delicious brunch, and got to meet Sarah Gurt in person. They were all blown away by Freedom Moses’ new product. ‘I can’t wait to style the KUSH slides myself, I could even just wear them now and combine them with my outfit!’, said the editor-in-chief of one of Belgium’s leading fashion magazines. Three one-on-one interviews and even a shoot took place with Sarah, resulting in in-depth articles on Freedom Moses as a brand broadening its horizons. 

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