TelenetGo — Sharenting

The Challenge

TelenetGo by Telenet has the mission to make people connect with their screens in a meaningful way, by informing and inspiring them. The main goal is to make people engage in a more creative, positive and interactive way, during their screen time. For their campaign in June 2020 they chose to work around the topic of “Sharenting”.

TelenetGo wanted to raise awareness about parents sharing pictures of their children on their own social media and open up the discussion within families. As the brand is digital and technology driven, they definitely did not want to come across as judging or patronising around the subject, so the aim was to bring information and advice across in a fun and entertaining way.

The Work

For this topic we invited 6 influential experts on the topic; such as psychologists, a school directors, mom  bloggers and celebrity mom Kelly Pfaff for an interview about their sharing behaviour and advice. On the other hand we talked to teenagers and young parents to have a look at their perspective. From these cases, we created long form video for the VOD-platform of Telenet, created shorter social edits along  with social copy, and wrote 7 articles on the topic for the website.

With the results of Telenets’ research study on sharenting, we created a snackable infographic.


  • 7 web articles
  • 1 VOD episode + 30 social video’s
  • 19 social media posts
  • 1 infographic