La Redoute Challenge

The Challenge

The E-commerce leader in fashion and decoration wanted to showcase their products in a different way, they wanted to put the collections in front of their prime prospects, B2B interior designers and potential costumers B2C. This was difficult as La Redoute doesn’t have a physical store, and this is how MMBSY overcame this challenge.

The Work

Instead of hunting for alternative showroom locations, we played with the idea of using real-life locations from start-ups or scale-ups. This is how La Redoute challenge was born.

The idea: to organize a competition where La Redoute awards the best Lifestyle start-up with a complete set of home deco for their start-up hub.

In return, La Redoute would ask the winners to create a buzz around their products and ultimately create awareness.

We created a plan that included the announcement of the competition, branding, the social media buzz, spreading of information on owned and earned channels, the organisation of a dragon’s den, choosing a winner together, putting the winner in the spotlight, follow-up etc..

The Result

In this case, the winner was Zelda & Zorro, a creative start-up for families with children. We knew we had achieved our goal because potential clients walk in every day asking about the furniture and where they can buy it. Exactly what the client wanted…


  • 1.481.832 people reached


  • 748.385 readers inspired


  • 170.000 viewers entertained


In total we reached over 2.4 million people, which is the equivalent of the entire population of Gambia. Let that sink in for a moment, we felt flabbergasted as well.