Feeling at home

The Challenge

Renson Outdoor is known for its’ upscale products and therefore focusses on an upscale audience. Our challenge was to implement a more feminine approach in their communication and push the lifestyle ‘experience’ forward to the audience. By focusing on the topic of “wellbeing” we opened a new perspective on the Renson Outdoor brand, making it a partner in your leisure time.

The Work

We created a video series and photoshoot with 3 well known influencers, each with their own expertise or passion. By using these authorities, we had a guaranteed reach through their channels and showed consumers that a garden room can be much more than a place to sit in. A long with the videos, we made photos that Renson Outdoor could also use on its’ website and social channels.

The numbers

  • 6 videos
  • 24 articles
  • 8 influencer posts
  • 4 languages