Floris Van Bommel

Always on the move

The Challenge

Shoe brand Floris Van Bommel wanted to increase its’ brand awareness by inspiring the right target groups. The angle we chose was to focus on men’s shoes and the different how-to-wear possibilities casual vs. formal wear.


  • Content creation owned media:
    • 4 video’s
    • 200 high res photo’s
  • 8 Instagram posts + 4 Instagram stories

The Work

We set up a collaboration with 4 totally different male influencers, who styled their own looks and matched these with their favorite pair of shoes. These looks were integrated in 4 dynamic videos and fashion photos at different locations, to show the casual and formal wear in different environments.


4 intriguing videos and an inspirational shoot were delivered. The influencers were such a fan of the brand and the outcome, that they even overdelivered in terms of publications.

The numbers

  • 212K influencer fanbase reached
  • 11,9K people engaged
  • 9,44% engagement rate
  • 271K impessions