The Challenge

NOVY ’s objective was to give their own craftsmanship in design a different face, by translating it through the vision of architects. By showing how an architect thinks in terms of design, space and materials when he/she is creating a kitchen, we were able to go from a product centered to a solution focussed approach. The factual product info was turned into an experience and emotional attribution.

The Work

By interviewing 3 different architects, all with various styles, we gave the viewer a look inside the mind, office and project of the person in front of them. All of these interviewees used NOVY products in their projects and mentioned how they came to the use of that specific product. Involving architects into the case, made us reach a new target group, like architects and constructors, who play a very important role in the NOVY distribution model.

For each case, we created an long read online article to consume along with the video, where we could tell more about the specific products used and their features. After launching the video and article on NOVY’s dedicated webpage, we also created various social media posts for Facebook and Instagram, using video as well as the photography created during the shoot.

The numbers

  • 3 videos
  • 3 articles
  • 30 social posts
  • 5 countries