LolaLiza x MMBSY reinventing PR — E-Pero & Facebook Live

The Challenge

After a successful holiday collab between An Lemmens and Tatiana Silva and LolaLiza in 2019, both power ladies were excited to join forces for a second time and design a high-summer collection with LolaLiza. For the launch of the collection, a big launch event was planned to celebrate with press and LolaLiza customers. But then, Covid-19 happened. Events were cancelled, social distance was required and social bubbles had to be kept small. That meant, no physical launch event, but with some creativity and a quick shift in mind-set, MMBSY introduced the LolaLiza e-pero for press and Facebook live collection launch for consumers.

The Work

After thoroughly exploring LolaLiza’s needs and the opportunities in current circumstances, MMBSY took care of the concept creation and production of both online events. In stead of creating a physical event for press we created the ‘LolaLiza e-pero’. A virtual apero moment with both co-designers, LolaLiza and selected press. All press ‘attendees’ received an e-pero box: a LolaLiza branded box filled with snacks and cava to celebrate the launch of the collections. During the e-pero journalists were informed on all details of the collection and were able to interview all parties. Personal, fun and successful press moment? Check!

Next up, MMBSY hosted a Facebook live for all LolaLiza lovers. MMBSY created an intimate setting in our showroom where both An Lemmens and Tatiana Silva hosted and individual Facebook live session. Both co-designers informed the viewers on the collection and their personal experience. Viewers were able to send in their questions and were answered by An and Tatiana. As a final layer of the Facebook live the viewers were able to exclusively shop the collection before the launch. Interactive, personal and engaging consumer moment? Check!

Results LolaLiza E-Pero

  • 8 press attendees from a-list fashion and lifestyle titles
  • Print publications: 11
  • Online publications: 30
  • Total reach: 26.803.694

Results LolaLiza Live

  • FB live viewers: 76.000 (52.000 An Lemmens & 24.000 Tatiana Silva)
  • Exponential increased sales: 7x more sales than the average daily revenue
  • A return on investment multiplied by 8