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New Year, New Interns at MMBSY – 5 fire questions we asked our new interns

By 17/01/2020January 19th, 2023No Comments4 min read

A new year on the horizon means new interns at MMBSY!

Meet our new interns – Viktor and Lisa – both in their last bachelor year of Media & Entertainment Business at Thomas More. Here are the 5 questions they have to answer for an MMBSY internship:

1. What’s your favorite way to pass time?

Viktor: I love to visit Instagrammable places that really take my breath away. I love to escape into a good Netflix show and I love my bed.

Lisa: I love catching up with my Real Housewives of New York. You don’t even have to use your brain when watching it. It’s drama packed and funny at the same time. A more productive thing that I like to do is play the piano and (try to) write music, haha.

2. For which snack can people wake you up at night?

Viktor: All you can eat sushi. But actually, I like a lot of different kinds of foods. When I crave something, I SEE IT, I LIKE IT, I WANT IT, I EAT IT.

Lisa: Most people here at MMBSY are probably already aware of my carrot obsession. I eat a literal mountain of carrots for lunch every day. Or pizza… I love pizza.

3. Which music gets your booty shaking?

Viktor: Is it bad to say that I’m a sucker for some good old pop music? I love some of the main queens like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Lizzo & Billie Eilish. I love that the genre of pop has zero boundaries and it can just be a lot of styles mixed together but every time with a twist. But my music taste stretches far beyond just pop-genre.

Lisa: Lennon Stella, Lady Gaga, Daniel Caesar, Dolly Parton, music from the 40-50’s, etc. The list is very long. I pretty much love any genre of music. Just don’t put on a metal song. I need to find comfort and familiarity in music and I just don’t feel any connection with metal.

4. Which brand makes your heart pound?

Viktor: Scotch & Soda is my go-to-brand, because when it comes to men’s clothing, they think out of the box. Every season, I can find something that enhances my wardrobe and takes it to the next level.

Lisa: I’m not the biggest shopper but when I do shop, I always gravitate towards Zara. They have a great variety of different styles and often offer items that might be considered a bit more eccentric, which I love.

5. If you could escape to any city right now, which one would it be?

Viktor: You can never go wrong with a destination like New York or London.

Lisa: Either New York or visit my family in Houston, Texas baby!

So, tell us – why MMBSY?

Viktor: I wanted to have a deeper understanding of what it takes to market lifestyle-consumer brands on social media. And being fashionable at the same time doesn’t hurt!

Lisa: I really wanted to get the feel of a smaller business and use the creative side of my brain during my internship. I wanted to make things and learn how to make them better. Another reason would be that I really enjoy Instagram myself and am surrounded by influencers, so I was really eager to learn more about the world behind it.

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