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It’s been an ongoing trend for years: influencer marketing is hot. Some said it was going to be a hype, but now everyone realizes that influencers are here to stay. More even,  they have more impact than we could have ever imagined. According to us, the following highlights are the main reasons why your brand should invest in influencer marketing:

1. Impact on brand perception:

According to a recent study (Isobar survey 2018), influencers make your brand more fashionable and young. 84% of people who follow influencers believe that content created by influencers is better than images or content created by the brand itself. It is perceived as more authentic and approachable.

2. Increases peoples’ buying consideration:

Influencers don’t just inspire their followers but they also affect their buying behavior. Thanks to influencers 33% of people discover a product and even half of them buy one. When you look at young people between 16 and 25 years old, their buying considerations grows up to 42% (Isobar survey 2018).

3. They create great and authentic content that brands can use:

As explained before, content created by influencers is perceived as being of better quality than content created by the brand itself. Using this new content is a great way for brands to improve their owned channels. As brands should post new content every day on several social channels, this new content comes in handy to reuse. Reposts often get more engagement (likes and comments) than self-created content.

4. It’s seen as more organic and less disruptive:

In contrast to traditional advertising, native advertising places brands and products within organic content, creating a more pleasurable experience for consumers and a more powerful marketing solution for brands. People are tired of display ads, so this new visual content created by someone they admire is seen as way more interesting.

5. Influencer marketing impacts your SEO:

More and more brands work with influencers for optimizing their SEO rankings as they ask influencers to build in backlinks on their own website. Links are one of the top three most important factors Google uses to rank pages in search.

We advise to partner with bloggers through guest posting, product reviews or other types of collaboration, because they almost always guarantee a new link back to your site.

At MMBSY we consider influencer marketing as a part of public relations; or should we call it personal relations as it is a more targeted way to talk to your audience via trusted sources?

So next time you are building your marketing strategy, don’t forget the impact these influencers can have on your brand.