Time-out in a moving world: Veronique Branquinho Collection

The Challenge

World famous fashion designer Veronique Branquinho created a DIY and accessory collection for the Belgian retailer Veritas. To bring this timeless collection across to the 25-35 target group, Veritas wanted to add an influencer strategy to their overall campaign, by creating content in collaboration with the right influencers.


  • Content creation owned media:
    • 6 cinémagraphs
    • 50 high res photo’s
  • 12 Instagram posts (6 photos + 6 cinémagraphs)
  • 6 Instagram story lines

The Work

The collection focused on craftsmanship and slowing down in a fast moving world. That’s why we chose the content format of cinemagraphs, where only 1 item in the image was moving, while everything else was static. 6 totally different influencers starred in a magical photoshoot at the Verbeke Foundation, creating high end photos and cinemagraphs, which they distributed on their own channels. Veritas used these images in their newsletters, social media, webshop and website.

The numbers

  • 137.770 total reached
  • 10 662 likes
  • Engagement rate: 6,7%

Drew Jacoby

Ruth Van Soom



Eva Vereecke

Lize Feryn